Transform Your Home With Ikea’s New Revolutionary Modular Kitchen Range – The Metod


Ikea– famed for it’s affordable, functional and stylish designs has a firm place in most home-owners’ hearts. In fact, for anyone who has been tasked with moving house at any point in their lives – be that for University, a new job or flying the nest, Ikea’s products solve all the problems that one commonly encounters when moving somewhere new.

Keen not to rest on their laurels, Ikea is now solving a new problem – the challenge of creating a bespoke kitchen, which is functional, stylish and affordable. With the Metod range, it appears they have achieved this goal. Homeowners in Singapore can now benefit from the modular nature of the Metod range, which empowers individuals to design a kitchen which suits their needs.


An unconventional space which works seamlessly with Metod features

Eliteror spoke with Leslie Tan of the Ikea Kitchens and Dining sales team, who gave some fascinating insights into the process. According to Tan, the range is underpinned by the 20cm measurement and all of the fittings- from the cabinet doors to the drawers have been standardised. Therefore, kitchens can be designed and assembled with ease – think Lego, but for adults. Another defining feature of the range is the integrated lighting. Tan asserted that with the Metod range, the Ikea team have finally been able to build a comprehensive lighting scheme, seamlessly integrating solid furnishings with the ambient qualities that light brings to a space.


Soft close drawer with built-in lighting

The defining concept of the Metod range is ‘liberating the kitchen’ and thus liberating Ikea’s customers by providing them with a system that offers flexibility, smart solutions and endless possibilities. For those based in Singapore, the customisable nature of this range is extremely beneficial, with space being at a premium on the little red dot. Now, features like island units, separate utility areas and breakfast bars can find a place in unexpected spaces. It is notable however, that the Metod kitchen does have some limitations. It may not be a suitable option for those working with a very abstract design model as one may find themselves limited by the range of colours and sizes available. In addition, those operating with a very constrained space may need to veer away from the 20cm standard measurements. However, the Metod series is well suited to most properties in Singapore.


A unique cabinet design featuring creative storage solutions

The kitchen is the hub of every modern home. With activities as diverse as meals, to homework, to life changing conversations occurring in this pivotal space, Ikea recognises the importance of flexibility when it comes to the kitchen. As part of the launch process, Ikea invited individuals all over Singapore to submit their design for a Metod Kitchen. The winners were the Lee family, who received a complimentary new fitted kitchen, in return for hosting a media dinner in their home. The Lees benefitted from the complimentary 3D  planning service, which is standard for regular Metod customers as well. According to the Lees the standard sizes provided a better alternative to custom-made carpentry, as there were a greater range of cabinet designs to choose from. In addition, the 25 year guarantee that comes with the furnishings and the ease of upgrading or replacing the components made the Metod series an attractive option.


Lee Wing Hong and Shirley Leow in their new Metod kitchen – proudly resting their hands on their bespoke island unit

Whilst it was Shirley Leow of the Lee family who entered the competition, it was their daughter Rachel Lee a Singapore Polytechnic Graduate and future Architecture student who actually designed the space. Working on a one-to-one basis with her father, Lee Wing Hong and drawing inspiration from design magazines and her studies, Rachel found the Metod an accessible design model and was pleased with the amount of flexibility it afforded her and her family. For the Lees the Island unit is the defining feature of the kitchen, a multi-functional component, that created a new space within the kitchen in which one can eat, talk, work and/or dream. The island is a microcosm of the entire Metod range, efficient, stylish and heterogeneous.


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