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Whisky is attracting a new generation of drinkers and there is an increasing need to create adventurous experiences to cater to this group of audience, according to Diageo Global Malts Ambassador, Donald Colville, With this in mind, The Singleton is offering whisky drinkers, both connoisseurs and first-timers, the opportunity to enhance their experience with The Singleton Sensorium; an immersive sensorial virtual reality (VR) adventure.

The Singleton Sensorium is inspired by a scientific whisky sensorial study conducted by The Singleton in partnership with Oxford University in the UK, revealing that a change in environment can enhance the ability to appreciate the flavours of whisky by up to 20%. In addition to inspiring The Singleton Sensorium, this study has exciting implications for people looking to enjoy whisky in their own homes, and for the way pubs, bars and restaurants could be designed in the future. “We are increasingly seeing a whole new dynamic of drinkers who are enthusiastic about navigating their way around different whisky flavours and different styles. In response, we’re giving our blenders the freedom to be more experimental and have also partnered with bartenders to explore different flavour creations. We also try to demystify the daunting world of whisky for beginners through The Singleton, offering an approachable and beautifully balanced taste, resulting in great flavours to be celebrated and remembered,” said Donald Colville.

Through The Singleton Sensorium, whisky fans are taken on a unique sensorial journey to discover and appreciate the flavours of this multi-award-winning Single Malt Scotch Whisky. It takes whisky enthusiasts to Scotland on a tour of the Glen Ord distillery, one of the oldest in the Scottish Highlands, and invites them to experience first-hand, the making of the beautifully rich liquid. The various environments amplify different notes in the liquid, highlighting how much the surroundings can really enhance the whisky tasting experience. From beginner drinkers to the most seasoned whisky drinkers, The Singleton Sensorium breaks down the barriers and encourages them to discover and experience The Singleton in a new light.

Looking ahead into 2017, here are some of the key trends Colville foresees:

  • Who will be drinking whisky? “There will be even more people, both men and women, drinking whisky as people are getting more open and provocative to new drinks and experiences. The stereotype of whisky as a men’s drink is gradually being broken down, and more women are open to embracing whisky as their drink of choice.”
  • When will people drink whisky? “These days, you don’t need to be in an armchair by the fire to enjoy a glass of whisky. As a result of the dynamic and vibrant cocktail culture in Singapore and Asia, many bars are offering great whisky and food pairings, creating a whole new experience which is getting more popular among consumers especially in Asia.”
  • How to consume whisky? “Drinking it neat is the best way to enjoy the pure and appealing flavours of The Singleton. Still, with such enjoyable flavours, The Singleton is also highly versatile and equally pleasurable in cocktails. In Singapore, we have partnered with restaurants and bars like Employees Only, Neon Pigeon and Jigger & Pony to create their own spin on The Singleton cocktail, to help our consumers discover new ways of enjoying whisky.”

The Singleton was recently awarded the gold medal at the Global Scotch Whisky Masters 2015. Diageo will present The Singleton Sensorium in a series of experiential tasting events to be run at trade shows, leading bars and retail environments across the island.



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