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Tzelan, in collaboration with Toni Chi, is a New York based design and lifestyle brand. The brand is comprised of multicultural, multidisciplinary and multitalented individuals who believe in genuine hospitality, and are committed to reviving the beauty in everyday living.

1COOPER & GRAHAM_TZELAN_Hand Shower Slide Rail Kit TZE-11500

Tzelan embodies an unparalled sensitivity to ephemera and a wisdom for natural simplicity. They design for the modern savant who values the preservation of art, craft, and heritage.

Throughout their work, they strive to make all moments unassuming yet memorable. They bring together the traditional & the contemporary to cultivate a life lived through the senses. Their creations range across all living spaces and can be found in distinguished hotels and residences across the world.

5COOPER & GRAHAM_TZELAN_Wall-Mount Bath Faucet TZE-12200

Tzelan bath for Cooper & Graham is a true modern classic–a collaboration to embrace a new and timeless aesthetic in seemingly ordinary every moments.

4COOPER & GRAHAM_TZELAN_Thermostatic Shower Valve Trim TZE-11200-Flow Control TZE-11300 logo


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