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1COOPER & GRAHAM_ELLIPSIS_Single-Hole Sink Faucet ELL-10200

Ellipsis and Loop by Arquitectonica are sculptural fittings designed to complement the contemporary washroom space. Ellipsis’ pronounced curves and edges are luxurious in their mass, while Loop showers spotlight a whimsicality inherent in their gestural figure.

3COOPER & GRAHAM_ELLIPSIS_Widespread Sink Faucet ELL-10100

Ellipsis’ aesthetic simplicity explores the marriage between rigid geometry and sweeping curves through the intersection of the rectangle and ellipse. This juxtaposition creates a dynamic and functional language that unifies the collection’s individual components.

2COOPER & GRAHAM_ELLIPSIS_Wall-Mount Shower Head ELL-11400

Loop, a line of outdoor showers, casts freeform spirals into a weighty permanence through the materiality of rich metal finishes. The showers feature a distinctive sculptural quality inspired by the fluidity of water.

5COOPER & GRAHAM_LOOP_Outdoor Shower LOP-117005COOPER & GRAHAM_LOOP_Outdoor Shower LOP-11704 logo


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