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Brez’n is the Lion City’s most recently opened restaurant serving up pure Bavarian classics and favorites. The restaurant’s name is inspired by the Bavarian word for Pretzel–the typical Bavarian sourdough bread, oven-baked to perfection and enjoyed best with a freshly poured bavarian beer.
From the same operators as ERWIN’S Gastrobar, LeVeL33, Kaiserhaus and Paulaner Brauhaus Guangzhou, and from the original founding team of Brotzeit, Brez’n is a haven for pure Bavarian warmth, honest and traditional recipes, and most importantly, the best Bavarian beer selection in town.
Former Executive Chef of Brotzeit, Dominik Österreicher, helms the Brez’n kitchen and promises to
serve only the tastiest and most authentic Bavarian staples.
With centuries of beer-brewing skill, the world’s first and finest breweries are almost certainly from Bavaria and Brez’n will proudly be serving up beers from Bavaria’s leading breweries. There are seven beers on tap including Germany’s most popular Weiss bier, Paulaner. Hacker Pschorr, with origins dating back 1417 from Munich, which was first brewed in 1283 in the forested mountain range of Black Forest will also be on the beverage menu. Seasonal specials like the classic Paulaner Oktoberfest bier will be available on a rotating.
At Brez’n, diners can now take a bite into Singapore’s first Bavarian pretzel sandwiches. Instead of the traditional sliced bread, the sandwich is composed of a soft, inviting Bavarian pretzel, or Brez’n. Diners can choose from four delicious pretzel sandwich options. For example, the hearty oven-baked Brez’n roll with succulent slices of meatloaf, topped with sauerkraut, pickles, honey mustard sauce, and a side of thick cut fries. For a lighter option, Chef Dominik suggests the honey-glazed ham Brez’n sandwich with Emmental cheese, pickles, tomatoes, crisp greens, and Bavarian sweet mustard.
All sausages served at the restaurant are hand-made by a German Master Butcher exclusively for Brez’n. The meat in these wonderful Brez’n sausages is carefully sourced to bring out the best flavours. Weisswurt, the Bavarian classic veal and pork sausage is a must. All sausages are made without added MSG.
The selection of the finest Bavarian beers is even better with the perfectly matched beer bites. The Brez‘n, a soft-baked pretzel served with a sweet Bavarian mustard or the Mini Bratwurst are great accompaniments to a refreshing drink.
The Brez’n Platter, recommended for up to five guests, is a meat fiesta made up of the signature crispy pork knuckle, two chicken sausages, two pork sausages and pork loin ribs, served with baked potato and sauerkraut. Another option is the sausage platter for two which is a serving of the best handmade Bavarian sausages.
The menu, with Chef Dominik’s culinary stewardship, is packed with classic Bavarian favorites. The delicious crispy pork knuckle, or Schweinshax’n, served with braised white cabbage, roasted potatoes and dark lager beer sauce, is one of the signature dishes and an absolute must-try. Chef Dominik infuses the pork knuckles with home-made brine before roasting. This gives the meat a unique pink colour, but most importantly makes it juicier, more tender and flavourful.
Don’t let the pronunciation of Braumeisterripperl (pronounced Browmiceter) hold you back from ordering this stunning beer braised and glazed pork loin ribs smothered in an equally special beer marinade–absolutely perfect with a cold Paulaner !
Vegetarians are not forgotten, the Spinatknoedel, the spinach dumplings with braised red cabbage is an authentic, wholesome choice. The cinnamon spiced red cabbage is divine with hints of a celebration with each bite and makes this a well-balanced dish that even meat lovers will enjoy !
All families with little ones know that being out and about starts very early over the weekend. On Saturdays and Sundays the Brez’n kitchen will welcome bleary-eyed guests with a piping hot coffee and great breakfast menus from 8am. The Bavarian Breakfast Pan with two eggs, sunny side up, mini bratwurst sausages, streaky bacon and baked tomatoes, served with bread and butter is a great start. Scrambled eggs with streaky bacon and chives, served with fresh bread is another fantastic choice or the Weisswurst or two Bavarian veal and pork sausages with Bavarian sweet mustard and pretzel is guaranteed to hit the right spot. The wholesome, creamy yoghurt with muesli, fresh fruits and honey tastes and feels good.
The main dining area, with its series of rustic furniture resembles contemporary restaurants found in urban Munich and is instantly welcoming. Diners can perch on a stool for a pint of chilled beer from one of the many leading Bavarian breweries such as Paulaner, indulge in a scrumptious meal at the smaller tables, or sit at the long workbenches for larger group gatherings. Adding a splash of color with pastel green furnishings, Brez’n reinforces a cozy, warm atmosphere with its mix of chairs and comfortable outdoor beer benches.
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