Camila Coutinho stars in DVF’s Journey of a Dress Campaign


As part of the 40th anniversary celebration of the wrap dress, Journey of a Dress, DVF is pleased to announce a partnership with blogger Camila Coutinho of Garotas Estúpidas.  DVF sent the iconic chain link wrap dress to Coutinho, as well as other influencers around the globe, who are documenting their “journey” via social media dispatches including photo and written content, and a monthly webisode series viewable on the DVF YouTube channel.

In her video, Coutinho walks the colorful city streets of historic Olinda, Brazil in DVF and tells the story of how she first met Diane.  As day turns to night, Coutinho explains how the wrap makes her feel like the best version of herself.

“Diane is inspiring in many ways. It´s not only the cut or fabric that makes the wrap so special, there’s a feeling about wearing it. It makes you feel a little DVF!” said Coutinho.

“The power of the wrap dress comes from women around the world. How they have worn it, what they’ve accomplished, and how it has made them feel,” says Diane von Furstenberg. “Every woman has her own style and point of view and I am very excited to see where these women take the dress and how they each make it their own!”

Link of Camila’s monthly webisode can be viewed in below path:


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