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Cloud Singapore is one of the latest places to see and be seen. Featuring a restaurant on level one and the Ultralounge on level two that plays a mix of hip-hop, R&B, house and open format music, Cloud has attracted a loyal following. The urban dwellers flock to Cloud for their food, happy hours and ladies night.

On May 29, Cloud launched a newly crafted menu by their young and talented chef Mikel Badiola from Spain. Arriving a year and a half ago from San Sebastian, near France,  his menu comprises European cuisine with strong French influence. The food we tasted that evening included Cloud Cheese Platter, Cheese Foccacia, French Foie Terrine, Calamari Rings, Patatas Bravas, Cloudy With A Chance of Nachos, Gambas Al Ajillo, Club Panini, Ribeye Steak and Cheesecake.

We started off with Cheese and Foie Terrine canapes. The taste of the cheese was strong and is an acquired taste. The French Foie Terrine was well-balanced with the homemade jam topped on. The thin crispy toast, was however, too hard to our liking. I was delighted to know that the bread was made from scratch by the chef himself.


Patatas Bravas, which is a classic tapas dish, was the blandest dish of the evening. It was a simple dish made with potato cubes and a spicy tomato sauce. I found the sauce rather common and the potatoes too filling as a snack.


Both the Cheese Foccacia and Cloudy With A Chance of Nachos will appeal to cheese lovers like me. The Cheese Foccacia cannot be found on the menu. Perhaps you could specially request for it when you are there.



It tastes much like delicious cheesy pizza. The nachos come with spicy salsa and fresh guacamole dip. Unlike the usual nachos that come with processed cheese dips, Cloud’s nachos are layered with melted cheese. Both these dishes go perfectly with ice cold beer.


The Calamari Rings were fresh and crisp. It is a pleasure to bite into calamari rings that do not feel like rubber. The batter was light and not oily. It was however a tad too salty.


The Club Panini was plain as it should be. The chicken breast was surprisingly tender. A healthier choice for those who prefer to watch their weight, it was the only dish that came with vegetables that evening.


Gambas Al Ajillo was my favourite dish of the night. The king prawns cooked with white wine and garlic, reminded me of Chinese food. The prawn was succulent and fresh. The aroma from the garlic and blend of white wine and herbs, were perfect to match. I enjoyed the sauce so much that I finished all of it even after the prawns were wiped out.


The natural grain-fed US ribeye steak was undisputedly the favourite on our table. We enjoyed it so much that we requested for a second serving. The meat was tender on the inside and well-grilled on the outside. We were grateful for the complimentary red wine to pair with the juicy ribeye steak. Although it was a little too salty, the texture and taste of the meat more than made up for it.


Finally, we were treated to homemade Cheesecake. I had far too much cheese for the evening and did not enjoy the cake as much. Unlike the commercially available cheesecakes, this is soft and mushy and might not be well-received if you are used to the common ones.


Chef Mikel Badiola’s philosophy in food is quality. He believes in using the best ingredients and going natural as much as possible. Most of the ingredients including sauces, are freshly prepared. When convenience is always at the expense of freshness in our fast-paced society, it is heartening to see a restaurant that takes pride in making its ingredients fresh. We hope Cloud Singapore will continue bringing the Singapore scene quality food and great music!

Photos courtesy of Gillian M Tan.

This article was contributed by June Lim HZ, a Singaporean emcee, actress and singer. She won the ‘Mrs Community Ambassador Award’ in Mrs Singapore World 2014/2015 pageant. A mother to 3 sons, she believes in living her dreams and continues to pursue whatever her heart leads her to. Connect with her on Facebook


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