Films at the Fort, an intimate boutique cinema experience in Singapore


Think of your average trip to the cinema in Singapore. What does this conjure in your mind? Fighting your way through a busy mall to the top floor, splashing out on over-priced popcorn and finally settling down in a cold, dark theatre for a few hours to be entertained by the latest flick.  All sounds a bit impersonal doesn’t it? If you are thinking of visiting Films at the Fort (FATF) you should be prepared to experience something entirely new and different. A cinema like no other, FATF can only be described as magical place, with a chilled out festival vibe, that’s nestled on top of a hill amongst one of Singapore’s oldest landmarks.

FATF offers a fuss free and intimate, alternative cinema experience. Patrons can bring their own picnic food and non-alcoholic drinks or sample some of the delicious food on offer from the Deli station, Dinner station or Bakery. There are a selection of alcoholic beverages on offer, with Casillero del Diablo taking care of the wine -$48 per bottle for Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio or $58 for the Devil’s Collection Brut. For beer or cider lovers, Sombersby Apple Cider and Kronenburg are available at $42 a bucket. This year, customers were also treated to a complimentary tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, the perfect accompaniment for a film on a warm evening.

The event was thoughtfully and artfully curated with adequate staffing and vendors. Clearly, FATF have not oversold and have strived to ensure that attendees have a high level of service and a relaxing evening, which is entirely to their credit. There was a mix of independent, classic and blockbuster films shown at FATF this year. Here at Eliteror we’re very much looking forward to seeing the program for 2016, you should be too.



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