From Earth and Metal: Contemporary Sculpture

Yves Dana, Chaddaï, 2006, Noir de Belgique, 102 x 14 x 7 cm

Yves Dana, Chaddaï, 2006, Noir de Belgique, 102 x 14 x 7 cm

Art Plural Gallery presents From Earth and Metal: Contemporary Sculpture, a group sculpture exhibition featuring works by renowned international artists Bernar Venet, Pablo Reinoso, Jedd Novatt, Armen Agop and Yves Dana. The exhibition runs from 5 March – 16 May 2015 at Art Plural Gallery.

From Earth and Metal: Contemporary Sculpture celebrates the power of sculpture to re-define our environment. Inert in their existence yet dynamic in form, the artists masterfully seize natural and industrial materials such as bronze, steel, wood and stone to achieve profound connections between man, matter and metaphysics.

The exhibition discovers the potential of ordinary mediums beyond their industrial purposes, re-imagined as demonstrations of internal power and its projected effect on external space. Metals such as steel and bronze are wrought into astonishing forms, such as the confident and calculated lines drawn by French artist Bernar Venet’s ‘collapsed’ layers of steel arcs or American artist Jedd Novatt’s abstracted cubic structures that slice through the air in suspended motion. Mathematically measured and constantly at the mercy of gravity, Venet and Novatt’s works exploit the rigidity of their metals in order to architecturally construct the freedom of space around them. Inverting the causal relationship between artistic creation and form, the artists employ abstraction in order to look beyond the structures and towards the creation, or indeed re-creation, of our environment, while at the same time re-defining the material structures as independently valuable, auto-referential beings.

The notion of re-creation and re-definition is also explored by French-Argentinian artist Pablo Reinoso, as he challenges expectations of functionality with forms that push the material’s boundaries. Poetic in its execution, the meandering tendrils of Reinoso’s iconic steel Spider Bench display the perversion of a conservative form, while at the same time maintaining the functional core of the bench. As opposed to the work of Venet, Reinoso’s structures are defined by its existence at the periphery of function, perhaps meaningless when pushed too far, or indeed when not pushed enough.

“My bench works as a bench from one end to another, but at the edges it becomes free of this function. At the beginning, I thought: ‘Oh, I made a mistake.’ People began asking if it’s a bench or an art piece. To which I just said ‘I play with the boundaries.’” – Pablo Reinoso

From earth are the swelling depths of Egyptian-Armenian artist Armen Agop’s round-bellied granite sculptures, with futuristic UFO-like forms that converse with the stoic rawness of Yves Dana’s stone statues, erected as relics of the ancient past. The depth of stone allows Agop and Dana to explore the most sincere of themes, drawing upon their respective nostalgia for their shared Egyptian heritage and commenting on the enduring values of their culture’s art through time. Discovering the abilities of the ancient medium, Agop and Dana draw out subtle tensions that already exist within the stone in order to respond to modern expectations of its capabilities. Dana exposes its inherent qualities, creating a variety of raw forms that conform to the friability, durability and brittleness of the chosen stone. Meanwhile, Agop’s mastery over his preferred material, black granite, permits him to push the stone’s limits and address the opportunities of the future.

“Sculptures have always been one of my favourite art forms. They are relics of today’s world that live with you, going beyond their former existence as simple stone or metal and taking on a new life. We are pleased to present a celebration of the most powerful works of sculpture today. ” – Frédéric de Senarclens, Founder and Director of Art Plural Gallery

Exhibition Details:
From Earth and Metal: Contemporary Sculpture
5 March to 16 May 2015

38 Armenian Street
179942 Singapore
T +65 6636 8360

Opening hours from 11 am to 7 pm.
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


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