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Weight loss. It’s a constant niggling thought at the back of most individuals mind’s. However, with the long work hours and frantic pace of life in Singapore it can often be a struggle to make time for exercise. Not to mention the ready availability of delicious and sinful food can cause individuals to pile on the pounds without meaning to. There are a multitude of crash diets and gruelling workout programs around, insanity anyone? However, if you’re interested in targeted weight loss on specific areas, nutritional advice and a feel-good workout that won’t leave you feeling exhausted, then Hypoxi may just be for you.

The Hypoxi Method is grounded in science. Conceptualised by Dr. Norbert Egger in the late 1990s, the technique was developed in order to improve circulation and thus achieve targeted weight loss in so called ‘problem areas’ such as the hips, buttocks and thighs. The way in which it works is by alternating high and low pressure to rapidly improve the circulation in one’s body whilst they are exercising.

Contrary to what one might assume, the Hypoxi experience is actually very relaxing. Eliteror trialled the S120 exercise pod and the Hypoxi Dermology machine at the exclusive studio located a short walk from circular road. Admittedly the machines look rather intimidating and can take a bit of getting used to. However, the studio’s warm and charismatic coach – Rina is there to give patrons one-to-one support throughout the session. In fact, Rina’s bubbly nature makes the session seem more like hanging out with a girlfriend than engaging in hardcore exercise.

The time spent in the Dermology machine  was incredibly relaxing and rather unique experience. One dons a high-tech suit that would not be out of place on a spacecraft and then lies down and – yes – that’s it – you just lie there, whilst the suit does all the work. Somewhat similar to cupping, there are 3000 suction cups that are inflated and deflated for a total of 30 minutes with the aim of increasing the circulation in the body and thus speeding up the breakdown of fat in the cells and ultimately reducing the appearance of cellulite.

The Dermology Machine

The Dermology Machine


Next up was a light cardio work out in the  S120 exercise pod. Patrons are assisted with climbing into a compression skirt and then slotted into a very high-tech exercise bike. Whilst there, it’s important to keep one’s heart rate at a certain level and pedal at a leisurely pace. As the aim is to tone up, not This machine is perfect for those wishing to multitask during their workout – as it’s possible to check your emails, read a magazine or write a to do list whilst cycling.

The S20 pod

The S20 pod

At around $1600 per 12 sessions, a Hypoxi treatment plan is a significant investment. However, as the overwhelming evidence suggests, it really does work. For individuals who have been unable to achieve desired results with conventional exercise and want to see measurable changes in their appearance and well being Hypoxi could well be the answer. In addition, the staff in the Hypoxi studio in Singapore are highly trained, supportive and incredibly friendly and will ensure that your experience is a positive and rewarding one.

Eliteror readers can enjoy an exclusive complimentary training session with The Hypoxi Studio (worth up to $160)! until the 28th February 2016 – perfect for anyone wanting to get fit after the end of the festive season. Simply call 65363080 and quote Eliteror – please note that terms and conditions apply.


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