Gryphon Tea Artisan Range – Gryphon Tea Lily of the Field and Gryphon Tea Templetree Lotus


GTC Lily of the Field GTC_Templetree Lotus

Gryphon Tea Company celebrates spring with two new oolong tea additions to its Artisan Selection range. Both Gryphon Tea Lily of the Field and Gryphon Tea Templetree Lotus were inspired by the prosperity of two Eastern cultures and their luxurious royal gardens – the ornate hanging gardens of Babylon and the serene Taman Sari.

The lush hanging gardens built by a Babylonian King for his Queen who missed the green of her homeland were the inspiration for Gryphon Tea Lily of the Field. Soft velvety notes of lilies and hyacinths leading to a vanilla crème finish, brings to mind the opulent hanging gardens of Babylon once rumoured to have housed lilies.

Inspired by another royal garden, Gryphon Tea Templetree Lotus drew references from Taman Sari, opening with soft notes of the Indonesian green mango and jasmine petals to represent Central Java. With hearty notes of earthy lotus and floral hyacinths, Gryphon Templetree Lotus exudes the tranquillity of the water gardens, built with areas for the Sultans to meditate and relax.

Each box contains 20 silken sachets, exclusively handpicked for your enjoyment.


Founded in 2006, Gryphon Tea Company is a gourmet tea provider dedicated to bringing you the finest and most unique blends. Its distinctive style of premium tea blends has been recognised and awarded with international accolades from the Great Taste Award (2011-2014), the “Oscars” of the food world, and The Monde Selection (2010).

At Gryphon Tea Company, you are the forefront. We believe not only in curating the best of blends, but also in delivering top-notch consumer experience. This passion has allowed the brand to forge long-term partnerships with some of the biggest names in the hotel and food and beverage industry.  Our partners include Capella Singapore, Fullerton Bay Hotel, Grand Park Orchard and Pan Pacific Singapore. Gryphon Tea Company is also the choice of tea provider for premium dining partners like Ku Dé Ta,  Catalunya Singapore, Lawry’s the Prime Rib and Jamie’s Italian Restaurants. We continue to be brand of choice for various chains and café enterprises such as the Spa Esprit Group, The Marmalade Group and The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC).

Gryphon Tea Company has extended its reach internationally, with our products made available in Malaysia, France, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar,  Taiwan, Kuwait, Philippines, Mongolia and Brunei through the appointed distributors.


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