H.O.D relaunches to unveil a new decor, bartender and menu


Singapore – (Press Release) June 2015 – H.O.D has undergone a complete overhaul, with it’s bar being the focal point of the lounge. It takes after a vintage gentlemen’s club, modernised with colour s such as purple and gold, keeping the Dandy vibe. The walls have been exquisitely retouched: the wallpaper designs and the Renaissance inspired mural is painted entirely from scratch by English interior designer and television personality Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen.

The lounge has re-conceptiuliased and is more focused on customer experience and the quality of their night. The seating has been rearranged to accommodate a maximum of 50 guests, seated down.To increase the intimacy of the space, the lights have been dimmed, and the music – classical 20’s, roaring jazz is kept at a friendly volume.

The bar is led by Ryan Rhodes from Scotland. His experience is based primarily on whisky tasting and bespoke cocktails. The cocktails at H.O.D are now more complex and intricate with the aide of cordials, tinctures and spirit infusions that are all created in-house.

What’s more? H.O.D has expanded its kitchen and introduced a new food menu to accompany its delectable drink list. Think handmade chicken nuggets, seafood ceviche, ribeye steak and duck fat potatoes, pickled green peppercorn sauce, served on a rosemary smoke plate. (If you’re wondering what a smoke plate is, we could tell you but we rather show you)

H.O.D opens on Mondays – Saturdays from  5pm till Midnight.

Address: 74 Tras Street, Singapore 079013


Tel (65) 8661 2340


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