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Following its mantra of bringing organic cold pressed juices to the people, HIC is heading towards a fresh direction with an exciting new lifestyle focus. This March, HIC will be introducing their newest and fastest delivery service,HIC&RUN, which will deliver within the Central Business District (CBD) for its first phase. It is set to be the ‘uber’ for juices, with convenient curbside delivery locations including 20 Anson, Asia Square, Marina Bay Financial Centre, McCallum Street and One Raffles Place.

With HIC&RUN, busy urbanites can now get a HIC juice fix whenever they want to. The HIC&RUN selection will include 33 varieties of juices, smoothies, nutmilks and shakes. Customers can choose from a rotating daily menu of two to four flavours. After choosing their HIC juices of the day, customers will have their online orders processed immediately, and sent to them within minutes, without any delivery charge.

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From May onwards, HIC will add another dimension to their HIC&RUN service by collaborating with reputable brands who share the same philosophy of promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Solid snacks and food such as raw bliss balls, energy bars and healthy soups will be included into Wednesday’s menu to complement the juices and offer wholesome quick fix meals.

While HIC&RUN will be focused on servicing the CBD for its initial launch, juice fanatics can register their interest for their favourite locations on HIC&RUN’s website and expect an introduction of more areas of service later this year. HIC will also be developing the delivery service further and hopes to launch a HIC&RUN customised mobile app with a vehicle tracking system in the near future.

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HIC&RUN will be accessible online at http://hicrun.com.sg from 10.30am to 2.00pm, from Monday to Friday. The daily juices (#hicjuiceotd) will be available at $8 each for snack bottles (250ml) and $15 each for meal bottles (500ml).

To celebrate the launch of HIC&RUN, juices will be available at special launch prices of $7.50 each for snack bottles (250ml) and $14.50 each for meal bottles (500ml) from March to April.

Following that, HIC will also be taking other steps to speak to people with different lifestyles. In the same month of March, HIC will be introducing the Active Juice Cleanse, a new juice cleanse series designed for active individuals who can detox while being able to retain performance in physical activities. 10 new juice flavours will also be launched later in the month to cater to a wider taste palette and different dietary needs.

A new HIC 5:2 juice pack programme inspired by the popular 5:2 intermittent fast diet is also in the pipeline and will be launching in May this year.


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