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It was never thought that Mixed Martial Arts will take off in Singapore, outside of Japan. Once dismissed as a sport workout fad with MuayThai roots, MMA has evolved to several martial arts studio with qualified MMA champions at helm. Fight promotions and gym memberships have helped to extend reach to working professionals, outside of sport schools and competitive arena. Perhaps the presence of fight shows put up by ONE FC (based in Singapore) is the main reason. ONE FC puts up the biggest and most exciting fight shows, with world class fighters competing. We are pleased to have an email interview with Mr Victor Cui, CEO and Owner, ONE Fighting Championship™.

1. Has the presence of professional fight shows by ONE FC helped in MMA taking off as legitimate sport, instead of just a workout fad for office workers in Singapore ?

The landscape of the sport has changed significantly in the two years since we held our first event here in 2011. When I told people that I was going to bring a world class mixed martial arts show to the Singapore Indoor Stadium,everybody I talked to said I was too ambitious. They suggested to go to smaller venues, that it will be empty if I tried. It took alot of hard work but when the day came and the arena was packed to the rafters, I knew my decision was vindicated. It is unbelievable just seeing how far the scene in Singapore has come. 

2. Has your growing up years shaped you into taking on to make ONE FC a one-of-a-kind success in Asia  ?

I have been in the sports industry for more than 2 decades, working with elite sporting properties like PGA Tour, Asian X Games and ESPN. I have harnessed the knowledge I’ve gained from my past experience to make sure that ONE FC becomes a world-class sporting product. 

3. Which is more important for a MMA athlete, physical training or having a healthy psyche to battle the strains of training and handling pressure inside the cage?

The key any successful athlete is hard work and determination. Mixed martial arts is one of the toughest sports in the world to train for. It is a juggling act where you have to constantly choose between training and rest, between monitoring your weight and getting proper nutrition. The world class mixed martial artists in ONE FC have mastered the art of training smart and that has helped them reach the peak of the sport.


4. Is there a difference in MMA training methods between male and female athletes ?

A sportsman can be great regardless of what gender they are. Many female mixed martial artists train alongside their male counterparts and have a positive support cast of both genders around them.

5. How do you maintain healthy financials with the branding, production value, sports management, manpower overheads and various objectives ?

ONE FC has succeeded in filling every arena that we have been to. Our last event in Manila packed a 20,000 seater arena in Manila! ONE FC also have broadcast deals in more than 70 countries and has a constantly growing list of blue chip partners like Kawasaki, Tune Talk and Petron. 


6. Will we see MMA as part of schools CCA sports activities, or perhaps as a competition category in our national school sports arena ?

Mixed martial arts is still in its infancy, but I do believe that MMA will become a school sport eventually, alongside other martial arts like Judo, Taekwondo and Karate.

7. Are there future collaborations with other partners such as sports festivals, sports product marketing launches, World Cup or Olympic events ?

ONE FC is a world class mixed martial arts extravaganza that captivates fans like the Olympics and World Cup. If the opportunity for two global icons to work together one day, we will evaluate the options and bring two global forces together.

8. Will you personally, fight in the cage, for charitable purposes ?

ONE FC is committed to giving back to the community and have several initiatives in different markets to contribute to those efforts, and I believe they will be more effective than me competing.

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