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Located in the heart of Orchard road Singapore, JANICE WONG SINGAPORE is the flagship restaurant of Chef Janice Wong where food and art can be tasted, experienced, as well as appreciated. A 1,500 sq ft, 40- seat progressive dessert bar cum restaurant is helmed by Janice Wong, founder of Singapore’s 2am:dessertbar who was named Asia’s Best Pastry Chef at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant for two consecutive years. Naturally, the menu stars her illustrious sweet creations, but will also feature new show-stealing savoury dishes in a progressive style that Janice has worked on since 2008, adhering to her culinary philosophy of pushing the boundaries between sweet and savory. Upholding the spirit of a progressive approach, the establishment delivers a unique experience offering savoury modern chinese dishes focusing on flour, completing the experience with 10 signature desserts from 2am: dessertbar. Coffee and tea selections are uniquely blended and hand crafted by Janice. Introducing Lollipop Coffee will be a signature blend of Janice Wong since 2015 and 8 types of hand crafted teas such as toffee popcorn, tea cola, creme brûlée and chocolate mint. Both sweet and savoury offerings will showcase a unique degustation menu. There is also a retail section showcasing Chef Janice Wong’s creations of confectioneries which includes Chocolate Bon bons, Mochis, Chocolate Paint and edible toys !

Whimsical Pasta Hats

Chef Janice Wong’s never-ending passion for culinary art has propelled her forward to test the limits of dessert making. The native Singaporean has learned from some of the world’s best chefs, including US luminaries Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz, virtuoso Spanish chocolatier Oriol Balaguer, and prodigious French pastry chef Pierre Hermé. An undisputed favourite among sweet-toothed Singaporeans, her dessert restaurant 2am:dessertbar has redefined the dessert experience, pushing the boundaries between sweet and savoury, with carefully researched progressive dishes. Recently in November 2014 she also launched her eponymous sweet concept, JANICE WONG. Chef Janice has received worldwide recognition for her cutting-edge creations and is a regular on the global pop-up circuit—proof that 2am:dessertbar is more than just a sugar rush. She has recently been named Asia’s Best Pastry Chef; for the second year running by the prestigious San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best for 2013 & 2014.

“Your world is your imagination”: as a visionary, artist, author, culinary stylist and photographer, Chef Janice Wong’s philosophy is a continuous inspiration for her world of edible art. In September 2011, she fashioned seven amazing edible art installations that completely transformed the studio space: with edible items as her only tools, Janice conceptualized and designed edible installations such as marshmallow ceilings and gumdrop-covered walls. She has since been commissioned by galleries, restaurants and clients both locally and overseas to craft interactive art. Playing with a multitude of colors, textures, flavors and even perceptions, her strikingly unconventional artworks are constantly evolving as people interact with them. Her ideas are threaded by a commonality: a pursuit for perfection in imperfection, and an appreciation of imperfection in perfection, presenting an artistic, gastronomic world of flawless imperfection and flawed perfection. Such is the beauty of art and Janice Wong’s creations.

“Is food a form of art?” we often ask. But perhaps what we should really ask is this: why should there be boundaries between food and art – or anything at all? A piece of chocolate can be a whimsical fashion statement. A confection can be an engaging toy for a child. A dessert can be a mesmeric visual treat – just like painting or a sculpture. When you free yourself from limitations, the possibilities are endless. There certainly are no limitations for chef-artist Janice Wong. With an eye for modern aesthetics, she catalyses a paradigm shift in the design of confections. Think chocolate paints in the spectrum of a painter’s palette and hand-painted bon bons resembling faceted jewels. With the spirit of a revolutionary she reimagines textures and flavours and combinations, redefining for us what desserts – and now, dim sum – can be. It might all sound very esoteric and remote: Janice Wong the futuristic artist, Janice Wong the modernist confectioner, Janice Wong the internationally-renowned awardwinning chef. But if you allow yourself to feel; to lose yourself in the moment of the experience, perhaps – be it while feasting your eyes on her artwork, while holding a piece of confection in between your fingers, while enjoying the flavours of a dish by her – you might just realise that behind her mini food revolutions is a simple manifesto: to be free. Everything from her is an invitation not just to discover who Janice is – it is also an invitation to discover yourself. So let her artful morsels trigger emotions that will awaken old memories and create new ones – and let your imagination take flight.


93 Stamford Road, #01-06, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore 178897


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