Diageo welcomes the Lunar New Year 2017 with three festive collections available through Diageo’s Private Client service at the Johnnie Walker House Singapore, a by-invitationonly private suite allowing exclusive access to Diageo’s unparalleled treasury of the rarest collections of Scotch whisky. Whether for a friend or a client, the exclusivity and craftsmanship of each limited edition collection, married with the remarkable flavour of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky, makes it a truly unique celebration of prosperity and good fortune to ring in the New Year. JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL is a blend of truly rare character, delivering a deep, rich flavour with layers of honey and fruit and an incredibly smooth, endless finish. Only one in 10,000 casks drawn from the four corners of Scotland contains whiskies of sufficient character demanded to create this peerless blend.

Keep Walking China

This special edition bottle celebrates Chinese ceramic artistry and tradition through its distinctive artwork. Unfolding into a stunningly beautiful Chinese scroll painting when four bottles are placed side by side, the design is a celebration of Asian culture and marks the colorful festivities of the Lunar New Year. This Johnnie Walker House exclusive design has been created to stand out as a luxurious celebration gift and is limited to 96 bottles in Singapore at SGD 588 for a 750ml bottle.

Fu Lu Shou Collection

Widely worshiped for their charismatic divinity, Fu, Lu and Shou are three prominent deities believed to bestow fortune, prosperity and longevity. Inspired by the art of calligraphy, each bottle is individually engraved in gold and shows outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. Proclaiming “Fortune, Prosperity, and Longevity”, this auspicious trio makes a perfect gift of great value and rich blessings. The Johnnie Walker Fu Lu Shou collection is a three bottle (750ml each) limited edition set of Johnnie Walker Blue Label with only 15 sets available in Singapore at SGD 888.

Zodiac Collection

The Zodiac Collection marks the ultimate tribute to the rich Chinese tradition. Each beautifully engraved bottle (one-litre each) in the set of 12 is engraved with an animal from the Chinese Zodiac, celebrating the harmony between Scottish whisky heritage and artistic Chinese design. The magnificent array of exquisite animal patterns makes Zodiac a coveted collection. Limited to only 8 sets, the collection is available for purchase at SGD 5888.



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