Luminox introduces the Luminox RECON Point Leader 8841KM, a new chronograph alarm model in the successful RECON series. The watches in the RECON Series each bear the title of a Reconnaissance team member and have features specific to their roles in a RECON operation. The team leader coordinates, conducts and makes important decisions whenever required. He is in charge of successfully accomplishing the mission. Leadership qualities, such as determination, flexibility, a sense of calm, and the ability to quickly analyse a situation and make the right decision at the right moment are critical to being a RECON leader, and the key figure of a RECON team.


The RECON Leader has an alarm function as leaders (military or business) have deadlines to take into consideration and, when every second counts, the watch has a chrono function to enable split second timing. The World Time City Zones Bezel, also enables the leader to coordinate operations in different time zones. All RECON models feature an easy to read walking speed tachymeter in kilometres (8841.KM), a contrast-colour countdown quadrant of the dial that can be used to coordinate start times for manoeuvres, and a bezel compass rose to help establish the wearer’s position. The watches are 200 metres water resistant and suitable for underwater missions as well. The Luminox Light Technology triduum gas tubes on the indices of the countdown quadrant glows in yellow in the dark, in contrast to the rest of the indices which glow in electric blue. The watch strap features three common map scales which can be used to measure distances on maps without the need for calculations and an inch/cm measurement and comparison chart.

RECON Series watches are packaged in military-style MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Loadcarrying Equipment) units that double as sunglass cases.

Designed in collaboration with former Swiss Army Military Security NCO Andrea Micheli, an internationally recognized law enforcement and military journalist and shooting instructor, the Swiss-made RECON Leader watch addresses the needs of military personnel for analog watches that can also be used as a simple and efficient navigation tool for orienteering, and other outdoor activities of civil consumers.


Time is a matter of life and death for reconnaissance missions, especially in the dark of the night. With the patented Luminox Light Technology, regardless of conditions, Luminox RECON watches are always visible, even in pitch darkness. Luminox Light Technology is a special self-illumination feature where you don’t have to fumble in the dark to press a button for light. The watch glows brightly in darkness continuously for 25 years without any need for a light source.


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