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London’s most influential burger joint, MEATliquor has picked Singapore as its first international outpost. The London burger institution, which has been in the Top 100 Restaurants at the National Restaurant Awards for 3 consecutive years, has opened in the heart of Duxton Hill !

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Founders of MEATliquor Yianni Papoutsis and Scott Collins, recently ranked amongst the top 5 of the Debrett 500 most influential people in Britain today, have been hailed by the UK media for changing the UK dining landscape:

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“The MEATWagon produced the burger that changed London’s dining scene and made sure hamburgers were a full-blown trend…The trend for posh burgers is pretty much down to Collins and PapoutsisYianni Papoutsis has achieved almost a god-like status for his legendary burgers and with good reason…” The Independent

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“Chicken wings were fantastic, deep-fried pickled cucumbers were strange and sweet and brilliant and chilli fries were the best and only example of that dish I have ever had in Europe.” The Times

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Their latest venture, in partnership with Oxwell & Co and Operation Dagger’s Ben Jones and Jacques Dejardin, will be at 99 Duxton Road and will feature all of the iconic dishes such as The  Dead  Hippie, Dirty  Chicken  Burger,  Deep-Fried  Pickles  and  Chili  Cheese  Fries. These will sit alongside their killer range of cocktails including the legendary lager-topped margarita, the Lagerita. Additionally, the evolving MEATliquor SINgapore menu will feature an inspired integration of Singapore-centric signatures that will go transatlantic later in the year and be served up on UK menus.

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Commenting  on Singapore, MEATliquor  founders Scott Collins and Yianni Papoutsis said, “We were invited out by Jacques. The airport code of SIN alone suggested this might be the place for us. Three days of eating and drinking later, we had our suspicions confirmed.”

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Jacques Dejardin, Managing Director of The Blind Group added, “We can’t wait to introduce Singapore’s community of food lovers and globetrotters to all that MEATliquor has to offer. We have been fans of everything MEATliquor has done in the UK, this will be a first ever, very different new addition to the Singapore food scene.”

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MEATliquor,  an  institution  for  liquor  and  laughs,  started  life  as  the  MEATwagon  in 2009. Founded by Yianni Papoutsis, a pioneer of street food in the UK, and Scott Collins – both named by the London Evening Standard as one of the 1000 Most Influential People in London and one of the 500 most influential  people in Britain according  to The Peerage Publisher  Debrett’s  – they have together blazed  a demonic  trail through  the restaurant world over the past four years, bringing crowds of the converted in their wake.

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Building upon the success of #MEATeasy, the original MEATliquor, MEATmarket in Covent Garden, MEATmission  in  Hoxton,  MEATliquor  in  Brighton,  MEATliquor  Leeds, CHICKENliquor in Brixton and the upcoming MEATliquor in Singapore, all sites offer ‘rough and ready’ menus of deliciously messy meat dishes and cocktails, a carnivorous playground –the obelisk of dining experiences.

MEATliquor  SINgapore  is located at 99 Duxton Road S089543. Opening hours will be every Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm to late.

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