More than Colorful with Bon Air


American Tourister is excited to introduce Bon Air. Stylish, durable and brimming with fantastic features, Bon Air luggage is more than colourful. Available in bright hues that let you express your personality, Bon Air also boasts truly modern design elements such as the eye-catching play on texture. Alternating stripes of shiny and matte material create a fashionable, urban-cool effect. The material, polypropylene, not only looks good but also prevents brittle breakage, adding to Bon Air’s durability. Inside and out, Bon Air is designed to let you travel in style and security – a must-have collection that is so much more than colorful.

Originally available only in black or white, Bon Air is also now available in eye-popping blue, red orange and green. Bon Air comes in 3 sizes of spinner luggage: 55cm, 66cm and 75cm, which can all nest together for easy storage once you’re back home.


The design maximizes packing capacity so that you can bring everything you need. Both the top and bottom shells feature packing straps that secure your belongings in place, while the divider has a zipped mesh pocket for extra storage. If you buy too many souvenirs, Bon Air luggage expands to hold even more. Plus, the zippers lock into TSA-accessible combination locks, adding another level of protection. In addition, all Bon Air luggage comes with a 3-year worldwide warranty.


On the move, Bon Air really shines. The lightweight construction and soft-touch handles enhance maneuverability, as do the four smooth-rolling wheels that send you on your way.


For added security, Bon Air also features a cleverly hidden address label on the back of the case – a great way to help protect your personal information.


With stylish looks, modern design, maximum capacity and an array of fantastic features, be “more than colourful” with Bon Air the next time you travel.



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