Negroni Week officially kicks off !


Negroni Week 2016 officially kicks in Singapore. To make Negroni Week in Singapore even bigger and better this year, more venues are involved as Singapore takes its place as one of the cocktail capitals in Asia.

The bartenders are tasked to put any spin they wish to the classic Negroni drink. There are entries including a fat-washed Iberico concoction, a pineapple consommé which was slow-pressed for 3 hours, Citrus infused lollipops, Sloe gin, mezcal, sorrel and many more. A couple of creations were made of different spirits and infusions apart from the traditional gin base.

Each bar has picked a charity of their choice and they get to choose their donation mechanics from sales of the drink. Some picked charities include the ST pocket money fund, community chest, Food Bank Singapore, animal rescue, Nepal relief funds and more.

Presented by Campari, Negroni Week was launched in 2013 in the USA as a celebration of one of the world’s greatest cocktail efforts to raise money for charitable causes around the world.

From 2013 to 2014, Negroni Week grew from 100 participating venues to more than 1,300 participating venues around the world and more than $120,000 raised for charities.

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Stay tuned for more highlights in the coming weeks !



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