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LeVeL33, home to the world’s highest urban micro-brewery and one of Singapore’s finest modern European kitchens, is launching its brand new à la carte Dinner and Beer Dining Menu. Both the à la carte Dinner and Beer Dining menu have received a facelift with Executive Chef of LeVeL33, Jimi Tegerdine. His key focus is to intrigue diners by creating extraordinary dishes from both the simplest and more exotic ingredients. The kitchen has transformed each into morsels of incredible flavours.

A unique dish specially prepared for the new dinner menu is the Foie Gras. It is pan-seared and served with a coffee infused carrot purée and saffron sponge that enhances the flavour of the dish. The kitchen has incorporated hay reduction and 33.15 India Pale Ale to create the dish – this innovative dish is an absolute must.

Level 33- Duck

Another Chef’s recommendation is the duck. The duck confit takes 18 hours to prepare and is served with pumpkin prepared three ways – pickled pumpkin, truffled pumpkin puree and cumin roasted pumpkin.

For the first time, lobster is taking the spotlight in the dinner menu. The succulent Boston Lobster is the perfect starter and with the Caviar remoulade, this Crustacean dish is a masterpiece. The extravagant selection is served with Madagascan prawns that are indigenous to Madagascar and luscious blood oranges that arrive at the kitchen direct from Spain. To add to its flavour, red chimichurri, sauce made from red capsicums is paired with the dish.

Level 33- Crustacean

“Beef has been quite important for us in the menu. We wanted our diners to appreciate different cuts of beef that are not readily available everywhere. We disposed of the typical tenderloin and sirloin, as we wanted to showcase the remarkable difference and diversity in flavor and texture of various cuts. Where we source our produce from is also very important – how they’re farmed and their environment has a direct impact on the flavours,” said Chef Jimi.

Level 33- Santa Maria

The six steak cuts include the Australian Santa Maria Wagyu, the grass-fed rump from Ireland, the milk-fed veal from Holland, the American grass-fed Ribeye, the France grass-fed Onglet and the Australian grain-fed shoulder tender Wagyu. The tender meat will be completed with a serving of confit shallots, Spud and veal jus. Chef Jimi added, “Clearly beer, here at LeVeL33 plays a big part in our recipes. I wanted to strip beer back to its raw ingredients and utilise them where possible – we’re very proud of the outcome.”

Level 33- Pork

The Mangalica Pork, indigenous to Hungary, is also highly recommended. Marinated for hours in the 33.15 India Pale Ale it is chargrilled to perfection. Crackling and crisp on the outside and tender inside, the pork is served with pancetta, green pea tapenade and medjool date jus. A new addition to the beer dining menu, Rillettes Trio is a dish not to be missed. It comes with a peppered beef brisket with vintage cheddar, baked trout with Greek yogurt and duck with fresh ginger, pickles and sourdough. It is served with freshly baked crusty bread as well as mustard crème fraîche. A great combination when paired with the LeVeL33 Beer Tasting Paddle.

Level 33- BeetRoot

“With our craftsmanship concept, we believe that sustainability is a craft and some of our ingredients and produce, such as the Scottish Seafood, empower their fishing community through ethical fishing and farming,” said Chef Jimi. LeVeL33 is one of the few restaurants in Singapore sourcing and serving up Scottish seafood. The pan-baked Scottish Cod served with borlotti, grilled zucchini hummus and parsnip sauce is a gorgeous light alternative. An exclusive dish at LeVeL33 that diners can look out for in the beer dining menu is the Sizzler Fish. Served on a hot plate, tender and juicy cubes of Hamachi collar (also known as the yellow tail) is paired with hops steeped soy sauce. Instead of pouring the sauce over the fish, the Chef encourages diners to squeeze fresh lemon juice over the delicate meat and then to dip it into the sauce – retaining its natural flavour.

Level 33- Lamb Shank

A great dish for sharing is the Banjo. The exquisite piece of meat (foreshoulder and shank all in one cut) is from the Australian Dorper Lamb and is exclusive to LeVeL33. The Chef braises the lamb for up to six hours to absolute perfection. This juicy, tender dish bursting with flavour pairs perfectly with any of the signature sides – Baby Carrots prepared with coconut oil, sweetened coconut, celery seed and pine nut, Kipflers which are salted potatoes with salsa verde and onion compote or roasted pickled baby beets paired with dill pesto, spent grain chips, flaked almonds and goat’s curd.

Level 33- S'more_Beer

A first in Singapore, LeVeL33 kitchen has rolled out the S’more Beer. S’more Beer is a deconstructed version of S’more – a popular marshmallow dessert in the United States. Diners can make their own S’mores using the different beer infused ingredients. S’more Beer is served with 33.4 House Porter marshmallows, spent grain biscuit, salted 33.15 India Pale Ale caramel, 33.3 Stout and espresso hand-crafted ice cream, 33.1 Blond Lager raspberry compote and hops steeped malt chocolate ganache. For all chocolate lovers, LeVeL33 offers the Mousseline made from Gianduja mousse, which is a sweet chocolate spread mixed with hazelnut paste. This dessert is served with hazelnut caviar, wild blackberry compote, praline ganache and aged balsamic shortbread. To enjoy the dessert fully, diners should dip the aged balsamic shortbread in the mousse. Unlike any other ordinary tart, Tarte is made from Yuzu curd – a sweet Japanese citrus. It is served with sweet pastry, candied kumquat specially flown in from Spain, Italian meringue and calamansi gel, adding a refreshing touch to the dessert.

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