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Born in 1965, Pascal Dombis is a French visual artist whose unpredictable and dynamic visual forms explore the complexities of visual paradoxes through the use of ‘excessive’ technological process. Over his more than twenty-year career, Dombis has been using computers and algorithms to generate elaborate repetitions of simple processes, which computationally reproduce geometric or typographical signs. These de-structuring structures and irrational environments disturb, engage and inspire the viewer, posing fascinating paradoxes between the mechanical control and chaotic randomness that produce them.

At Art Paris, Art Plural Gallery presents works by Kim Lim and Sherman Ong at the Singapore Platform, Booth F10

Sherman ONG, Peacock, 2006, Digital print on archival photo paper, 75 x 150 cm

Sherman ONG, Peacock, 2006, Digital print on archival photo paper, 75 x 150 cm

This month at Art Paris 2015, Booth F10 at the Singapore Platform, Art Plural Gallery feature works by the late sculptor and printmaker Kim Lim, prominent figure in the Singapore art scene. Also, three photographic series and a short film by filmmaker, photographer and visual artist Sherman Ong will be featured. Art Paris 2015 is open to the public from 26 – 29 March 2015at Grand Palais, Paris.

Fabienne VERDIER, Nuées du soir, 2015, Mixed Media on canvas, 135 x 254 c

Fabienne VERDIER, Nuées du soir, 2015, Mixed Media on canvas, 135 x 254 c

At Art Paris 2015, Booth E14, we unveil new works by French artist Fabienne Verdier, Korean artist Chun Kwang Young, Chinese artist Fu Lei, American sculptor Jedd Novatt, Argentinian artist, researcher and designer Pablo Reinoso, Egyptian sculptor Armen Agop, American artistsDane Patterson, and Doug and Mike Starn. To enquire about the available works please contact

From Earth and Metal: Contemporary Sculptures


From Earth and Metal: Contemporary Sculpture is a group sculpture exhibition featuring renowned international artists Bernar Venet, Pablo Reinoso, Jedd Novatt, Armen Agop and Yves Dana.The exhibition will be on show at Art Plural Gallery at 38 Armenian Street, Singapore 179942, until 16 May 2015. Inert in their existence yet dynamic in form, the artists masterfully seize natural and industrial materials such as bronze, steel, wood and stone to achieve profound connections between man, matter and metaphysics. The exhibition discovers the potential of ordinary mediums beyond their industrial purposes, re-imagined as demonstrations of internal power and its projected effect on external space.

Martell Premier Voyage designed by Bernar Venet


To celebrate Martell’s 300th anniversary, the oldest of the great cognac houses releases the limited edition Martell Premier Voyage. This limited edition new blend is encased in a timeless artwork specially designed by French artist Bernar Venet. Following the previous success of the solo exhibition of Venet in 2012, Art Plural Gallery is pleased to collaborate with Martell to presentMartell Premier Voyage. This special artwork will be on view from 3 – 31 March as part of our group sculpture exhibition, From Earth and Metal: Contemporary Sculptures.

Only two editions of this exclusive artwork is available in Singapore and is on sale at Art Plural Gallery. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the selected charity, The Red Pencil (Singapore)that offers art therapy to children who are stricken by long-term hospitalization due to overwhelming situations, and also provides opportunities and financial support for Masters of Arts in Art-Therapy students.

Chun Kwang Young solo exhibition: New Dreams


Art Plural Gallery presents New Dreams, a solo exhibition by Korean artist Chun Kwang Young. Running from 29 May to 20 July 2015, New Dreams presents 15 of his latest works. The exhibition unveils new works from his Aggregation series that marks a shift in the eminent Korean artist’s life. Conveyed through a bold palette of bright pinks, deep oranges, warming yellows and evocative blues, the recent septuagenarian’s new vision of splendour transfixes him in an unprecedented state of reverie.

Image courtesy of Art Plural Gallery.


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