PERRIER-JOUET celebrates the coming of Autumn with a seasonal cuvee



The House of Perrier-Jouet will welcome the  autumn season  with  the  launch of the  limited  edition Belle Epoque Edition Autornne 2005 in Singapore.

Autumn   is   one   of   the    most    dazzling    and    enthralling   seasons. With  flaming  reds,  glistening yellows,  oranges and  rustic  browns and the  gentle bathing of light  on  vast  landscapes, it  presents an almost picture perfect image of the season. It is no wonder that one can’t help but  be taken in by this season  of enchantment.


Perrier-Jouet Cellar  Master Herve Deschamps was  so mesmerized by the  beauty of Autumn that he decided to  create a special  seasonal cuvee in tribute to  the  colours of fall with the  Belle Epoque Edition Automne 2005.

“The richness of the  2005  vintage inspired me to create this  cuvee in tribute to autumn’s allure and vitality as a way of savouring the  beauty of an ephemeral season,” says Herve Deschamps, Perrier-Jouet Cellar Master.

Bringing together a unique  blend of Chardonnay, Pinot  Noir and Pinot Meunier, Deschamps has created a  rare,  ephemeral cuvee like  no other. It  is  a  marriage  of  allure,  voluptuousness and   vitality that conveys all the elements of this season of enchantment. This ephemeral cuvee is unique to the Perrier-Jouet brand, the only known champagne house to create bespoke cuvees inspired by the seasons and nature.


Perrier-Jouet has always drawn inspiration from nature with  the desire to  infuse  beauty into  daily  life. In 1902,  Emile  Galle,  one  of the  Art Noveau movement’s most  celebrated artists, designed a swirl  of anemones wreathed in gold for  the  Perrier:Jouet bottle. An  unusual bottle, it was a true homage to nature as a source ofinspiration, where the  swirls  of the  white flowers echo  the  floral and  delicate style  of the wine, and  become the  emblem of the  House.

Emile Galle  had always been  interested in plants, with  his hometown of Nancy being  a centre for horticulture in late  19th  century France. This interest eventually grew  into a source of inspiration in his art.

Galle soon discovered the art ofJapan, which had often  been associated with  the  representation of flowers. He  thus shared a sensibility with Japanese art  due to his own  familiarity with  motifs inspired by nature. Eventually, the  influence ofJapanese art  began  to  be felt in his work. The  anemone that adorns the  Perrier-Jouet bottle is itself a Japanese flower.


Even  Art  Nouveau, the  art  movement of which  Galle  was  a pioneer, drew some inspiration from Japan, especially its strong use of vegetal and   zoological   motifs   which   became  a  signature  element of  Art Nouveau.

It is with this strong connection to nature  andjapan that    Perrier-Jouet  presents    ‘A   Haiku   for  Every Season’. Starting of with the Season of Enchantment with the launch of the Belle Epoque Edition Autornne 2005  with a celebration of a japanese autumn and its beauty.

Perrier-Jouet will continue  to celebrate this incredible relatio hip  with    haikus   for   every   Perrier Jouet season.


TASTING NOTES Appearance: Radiant in its allure, the  wine’s colour reveals the vitality of a deep pink. A fine ribbon  of bubbles crowns its orange  and copper shades, interspersed with  flashes of garnet.

Nose: Fruity notes of raspberries, wild strawberries, notes  of sour cherry, orange and hints of spice and cream

Palate: A truly  gourmand wine, generous with  an ample sensuality. The  attack is fresh,  awakening the senses. Hints of orange confit and white peach with  a spicy evolution towards notes of cocoa  beans. Beautifully balanced with  a rich and rounded finish.



  • 45% Chardonnay (Cramant, Avize, Le Mesnil)- bringing elegance and floral freshness to the wine
  • 50% Pinot Noir (Mailly, Ay, Verzy, Rilly)- bringing richness and vitality to the wine
  • 5% Pinot Meunier (Dizy) -bringing the rounded aromas of red fruits
  • 15% red wines from Vertus and Vincelles -give the cuvee its unusual and captivating color
  • 1Ogll dosage (Brut)- letting the wines express fully

Perrier-Jouet  is  an   iconic   champagne  house   with   an   exceptional vineyard. It  is known for  the  fmesse,  floral  and  elegant notes  of its wines, fashioned with  the  expertise of only seven  Cellar  Masters since its foundation in 1811. Since  its 1902  collaboration with Art  Nouveau pioneer Emile  Galle,  creator of the  anemone design  for  the  house’s Belle  Epoque  prestige cuvee, Perrier:Jouet has  commissioned work from  established and  emerging artists including Daniel  Arsham, Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance, Miguel  Chevalier, Makoto Azuma, Tord Boontje, Studio Glithero and Simon Heijdens.




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