Potato Head Folk collaborates with The London Cocktail Club


Potato Head Folk is not your average restaurant/bar. It’s more like a gallery, that you can get drunk in whilst sampling delicious gourmet food. Eliteror ventured to Studio 1939 to sample the an exclusive new cocktail menu, written by JJ Goodman of the celebrated London Cocktail Club.

Located on the third floor, Studio 39 is impressively curated and comfortably furnished. The marble top seating at the bar offers patrons an intimate space in which to interact with the bartenders. Whereas the array of vintage couches and low tables are ideal for larger groups. David Bromley’s artful design mixes 1930’s chic with controversial clown dolls and a vintage style open bar. The stimulating visual surroundings are matched by the array of the drinks on offer, pleasing and thought provoking at the same time.


Potato Head Folk invited JJ Goodman to Studio 39 for one evening to introduce the new cocktail menu and Eliteror spoke at length with the mixologist about his writing process, drinking culture in Asia and, of course, the city-state’s signature cocktail the Singapore Sling.  For JJ, the bar is his stage. He is a vivacious, charismatic and talented craftsman that speaks about cocktails in the same way a musician would talk about a song. Describing his writing process for the new menu he weaved a story of the many different stages that go into creating each section. Drawing on history, art and intuition, JJ and his team lovingly curate an artful and delicious selection of alcoholic beverages to entice and entertain their audience’s taste buds. No stranger to innovation, during the evening JJ was inspired to create his own version of the Singapore Sling, combining the gin base with fruity flavours and lot’s of spice, the result was a rich, plummy drink with a kick. Whilst this was a one-off concoction, Eliteror speculates that it may well become a more permanent feature in The London Cocktail Club’s menu.

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Credit: Samantha Baey

The guest menu at Potato Head Folk features five bespoke cocktails. Carefully compiled and individually named, each drink is an experience in and of itself.  After a gin based cocktail with a twist? Look no further than the ‘Clover Club’ which combines Tanqueray Gin with lemon juice and a  raspberry and vanilla ice cream syrup that’s specially made in-house. An ode to R Kelly, there ain’t nothing wrong with sampling a lil bit of the ‘ Bump & Grind’ which consists of infused salted caramel Ketel one, Tia Maria, coffee mix and a simple syrup, the indulgent caramel flavours are perfectly balanced with the sharp coffee. For those looking for something slightly lighter, the ‘Brixton Riot’ which contains Martini Bianco, lychee liqueur, cranberry juice and peach puree is a good option. Served with half a passion fruit that’s lit on fire, this is a drink that is as visually stunning as it is satiating-just remember to blow the flame out first before sampling! Tired of fiddly cocktail glasses and just want to drink out of a plain old jar? Go for the ‘Jam Jar Daiquiri’ a cheeky blend of  Myer’s Dark Rum, Creme De Fraise, strawberry puree, and lime juice it’s one for the hipster within. Skipped dessert but looking for a sugar fix? The‘White Russian’ an indulgent blend Ketel One Vodka, honey, coffee mix and cream served with a bourbon biscuit, will satisfy your craving. This melé of cocktails will be expertly mixed by the team at Potato Head Folk from now until the end of October.




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