Sake pairing at Marusaya !


With the love of all things Japanese, and the recent discovery of Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ikiɡai]) by Eliteror, the writer had perhaps found a sneak peek into the psyche of the Sake artisanal craftsmanship. Moving away from the hipster label, and finding the roots of brewing Sake, one discovers how a traditional methodological approach towards the origins of Sake brewing and pairing it with the right cuisine, yields pleasure when enjoyed in its noblest forms.

The popularity of food pairing dinners had heightened epicurean curiosity and with Japanese cuisines, Sake is the key factor in collaborating with the right dishes to tantalize tastebuds.

As such, Dashi Master Marusaya takes great pride is offering a large selection of healthy, Dashi-based dishes. For the non-epicureans among us, natural Dashi (as opposed to chemically-composed additives) is a key seasoning developed from Katsuboshi (dried bonito) and ingredient in Japanese cooking. As a result, the stars of the menu are those dishes which make full use of the umami taste of the natural Dashi. For those of us who are familiar with the meaty body of taste but unable to describe as either sweet or salty, umami is that final layer that gives this full body finish. Is it over powering to the otherwise light texture of Japanese cooking ? No, it is more of what one gets eating home cooked food, leaving oneself happily satisfied without succumbing to indulgence.

So come this weekend to Marusaya, and savour the fruits of labour by the Sake Masters, and let the smoothness of each sip flows out on what Ikigai means, in its truest form.

Together with major Sake suppliers in Singapore, there will be free samplers of 9 kinds of Sake. You can select and taste one of the complementary Marusaya tapas by grabbing any glass at a fee. Bottles are also available to take away if you find your favourite Sake ! The writer is hoping to find her Koshi no Kanchubai (Winter Plum).

And how’s that for a Father’s Day weekend.


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