Singapore Art Museum Celebrates the UN’s 70th Anniversary


Singapore Art Museum (SAM) is among several iconic monuments around the world participating in “Turn the Word UN Blue” initiative.

In celebration of the UN’s 70th anniversary, SAM’s façade will be lighted up in blue.

As a museum of contemporary art, SAM engages with the big ideas of peace and dignity such as in its newest exhibition 5 Stars. SAM’s participation in the “Turn the World UN Blue” initiative is an expression of solidarity with the UN and its mission of peace.

“The Singapore Art Museum is proud to be part of the “Turn the World UN Blue” initiative to celebrate the UN’s 70th anniversary and its mission of peace. As the museum of contemporary art, we explore the big ideas like peace, justice and equality, through exhibitions such as our latest exhibition – 5 Stars: Art Reflects on Peace, Justice, Equality, Democracy, and Progress. We congratulate the UN on its milestone anniversary,” says Dr Susie Lingham, Director, Singapore Art Museum.


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