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Polished silverware, crimson roses, and a glass of fine red make up most romantic dinners. Set against the flickering glow of candles, a four-course dinner in one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore appears to be a foolproof plan for an intimate meal with a loved one. But what about those who crave for more? The concept of restaurants fine dining has become a tired cliché. These days, diners looking to up the ante are turning to experiences beyond the ordinary.

Towering above the skyscrapers of Marina Bay stands one of the world’s tallest observation wheels. At 165 metres, Singapore Flyer is undoubtedly its namesake nation’s pride and joy. An engineering and
architectural marvel, the iconic wheel is fitted with 28 state-of-the-art UV-protected air-conditioned rotating glass capsules, each offering guests unobstructed 360-degree views overlooking the city’s Marina Bay skyline, Sentosa Island and even parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.

At 35 square metres, each capsule boasts a capacity of 28 guests at any one point in time, and has become a popular venue amongst girlfriends who desire a private High-Tea getaway or parents who wish to take their children’s birthday celebrations up a notch.

Singapore Flyer might be abuzz with activity during the day, but it’s during nightfall that it truly comes to life. As the sultry cloak of dusk descends on the iconic wheel, its glass capsules are transformed into stylish sanctuaries for diners seeking both privacy and luxury, complete with champagne, roses, and an in-flight butler.

Set against the ever-changing backdrop of Singapore’s glittering cityscape, the four-course dinner comes
with your choice of appetizer, soup, main course, and dessert – all served within the capsule. Vegetarian and Halal menus are also available for those with special dietary requests. Be it a premium dining capsule for two, a shared dining capsule seating up to five couples, or a group dining capsule seating up to 10 guests at a single long table, diners are promised a multisensory treat unlike any other.

Alas, all good things have to come to an end. As the capsule descends for disembarkation, diners can retreat to the exclusive Flyer Lounge for a cup of freshly-brewed coffee or tea, before taking a stroll through the Journey of Dreams, a stunning multimedia experience that shares the story of Singapore Flyer using immersive 3D and interactive displays.

Diners might feel a certain melancholy as they depart from Singapore Flyer and re-enter reality, but they
needn’t worry. For as long as the wheel keeps turning, there will always be time to create fresh memories
with loved ones and friends both old and new at Singapore Flyer, where you’re promised a moving experience at every turn.



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