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The Rabbit Hole is relaunching as Singapore’s first specialty gin garden bar. Its lush botanical setting, tightly curated gin offering and selection of premium French crepes make it a uniquely elegant after-dinner destination in Dempsey. An under-celebrated spirit even amongst specialty bars in Singapore, gin’s strongly botanical character and colonial history is the perfect fit for The Rabbit Hole’s verdant setting and heritage as part of a former colonial chapel. First opened in 2008 by The Lo & Behold Group (Loof, Overeasy, Tanjong Beach Club, Extra Virgin Pizza and The Black Swan), The Rabbit Hole is your gateway to good times and even better tipples.

Monkey 47

GIN & TONICS – Long famous for hosting some of Singapore’s best parties and most beautiful weddings, The Rabbit Hole aims to present gin in a fresh light, with a curated collection of 15 gin & tonics categorised into five flavour profiles: Traditional London Dry, Simple & Honest, Floral & Elegant, Complex & Unexpected and The New Classics. This collection was curated by Group Bar Mentor and Eau de Vie alumnus Julian Serna in partnership with Ethan Chee, our Head Bartender at The White Rabbit. Ethan, formerly of Catalunya’s top bar team, has headed up the bars at Tanjong Beach Club as well as Overeasy. His specialisation in spirits made him the perfect fit to front this gin programme.

The Rabbit Hole’s selection is designed to take gin drinkers, new and old, through the rich spectrum of flavour offered by gin. Each gin & tonic is served with a specially selected garnish, featuring fresh herbs from The Rabbit Hole’s very own garden, to bring out the individual character of each unique gin. They are also prepared with housemade tonic, a dry recipe to ensure that every element in the gin & tonics served is truly premium and fully conveys the personalities of our gins.

No. 3

Signature serves at The Rabbit Hole include :

G’Vine Floraison (The New Classics) – A French grape spirit made in the Cognac region infused with fresh grape vine flowers, garnished with a dehydrated orange basket of chamomile flowers. The chamomile serves to elevate the innately floral nature of the gin, tamed by the refreshing orange tang that highlights the more traditional botanicals.

Monkey 47 (Complex & Unexpected) – Infused with 47 Bavarian botanicals from the Black Forest and 47% alcohol by volume, there are few gins that are as complex and unusual as this one. Originating from a recipe developed by a former RAF pilot who fell in love with Germany’s Block Forest, the true recipe of its modern incarnation is a secret known only to the two men behind its revival. With so many layers of flavour and botanicals shaping this gin’s character, the lemongrass stalk speared through a lime wheel garnishing this gin & tonic serves to freshen the remarkable intensity of Monkey 47.

No. 3 (Traditional London Dry) – Made by London’s oldest wine & spirits merchant Berry Bros. & Rudd and drawing on over 300 years of experience & tradition, No. 3 is a tribute to tradition and gin’s most popular and wellknown incarnation. Served with a cheeky strawberry twist and lemon zest to bring out juicy citrus notes and extravagant juniper character, it is a fresh and unfussy serve for a classic gin & tonic.


CREPES – The gin programme is complemented by the French crepe offering which will be launching in September, a classic selection of six sweet crepes made with premium flour and Bordier butter imported specially from Brittany. The crepes and their sweet toppings have all been painstakingly made from scratch in pursuit of producing the most authentic French crepes in Singapore. Flavours which will feature on the menu are the classic Butter & Sugar, Yuzu Butter & Sugar, Salted Caramel, Housemade Chocolate Sauce with Chocolate Chips, a refreshingly tangy Lemon Curd with Lemon Zest and, last but not least, the quintessentially French topping Nutella. The crepes will all be prepared to order and are accompanied by a tight selection of ciders to complete the experience.

VENUE – In addition to its whimsical topiary, The Rabbit Hole now features its very own herb garden. With its setting in the lush greens of Dempsey and focus on botanical spirits, the herb garden elevates the offering of both the bar as well as the kitchen for The White Rabbit. Some of the herbs being grown and harvested regularly are lemon balm, rosemary, dill, tarragon, shiso and Cuban oregano.

Hop down to The White Rabbit, do remember to make reservations on the whimsical website !

The White Rabbit 39C Harding Road, Singapore 249541


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