Takizawa Kabuki, an electrifying live entertainment show featuring elements of pop and Japanese cultures, celebrates its 10th anniversary by debuting the show in Singapore at The Grand Theatre at Marina Bay Sands in August. The audience here will experience a never-before-seen special compilation of the best segments of the show in its 10-year history.

Takizawa Kabuki is directed by Johnny Kitagawa, the founder and president of Johnny & Associates, the foremost talent agency in Japan, and holder of three titles of Guinness World Records for the most number of top acts produced by an individual.

Inaugurated as Takizawa Enbujo in the Spring of 2006, Takizawa Kabukiwas conceptualized as a revolutionary live song, dance and drama extravaganza, featuring Japanese superstar, Hideaki Takizawa.

Throughout its history, Takizawa Kabuki has been well-known for creating phenomenally memorable shows of grandeur and excitement. The theme of this year’s show is Four Seasons of Japan. A mega theatrical production with exceptionally high production value, Takizawa Kabuki features lavish sets and besides stellar singing,dancing and acting, it incorporates awe-inspiring elements, such as acrobatics using bungee ropes, never-before-seen taiko drumming stunts, breathtaking illusions, exciting Samurai action, and a segment dedicated to the untold story of the legendary Samurai, Yoshitsune Minamoto.

For its first overseas show, the producers have spared no efforts to create a spectacular theatrical experience the audience will remember for life. The first overseas performance will comprise a selection of the best scenes from past Takizawa Kabuki shows. In addition to bringing in a strong entourage of 120 performers and crew, a snow machine will be brought in to create real snow for a segment of the show.

The well-loved entertainment show is the product of nine years of accumulated knowledge and experience by the star of the show, Hideaki Takizawa. He holds the prestigious record as the youngest actor to be featured in the history of the renowned Shinbashi Enbujo theatre in Tokyo. Through his interpretation of traditional Japanese culture and arts, Takizawa Kabuki was brought to life by his mesmerizing performance, with the help of state-of-the-art technology. Since 2010, Hideaki Takizawa has gone beyond his role as a featured artist to direct the show, and has received critical acclaim for staging astounding shows successfully.

Takizawa Kabuki will premiere its 10th Anniversary show at the prestigious and historic Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre in Tokyo during the cherry blossom season this month and in May.

With a loyal fan-base of hundreds of thousands of audience in Japan,the live show has achieved four consecutive long-running performances at the Shinbashi Enbujo theatre since 2009. From the years 2010 to 2012, the show venue then changed to Nissay Theatre under the new title Takizwa Kabuki. In 2013, the show returned to Shinbashi Enbujo theatre under the original title Takizawa Enbujo, and finally in 2014, the title of the show was reverted to the permanent title of Takizawa Kabuki. In 2014,Takizawa Kabuki premiered in Fukuoka  and Tokyo.

A blockbuster not to be missed by the whole family, Takizawa Kabuki showcases the best of Japan’s theatrical culture, and will undoubtedly re-define audience’s theatre experience.

This 10th anniversary Takizawa Kabuki show will be a showcase of signature styles of play – world-class entertainment with breathtaking performances. The performance on 14 May 2015 will also mark the 500th performance of the show from Takizawa Enbujo 2006.

Tickets for Takizawa Kabuki will be on sale soon ! Check SISTIC website for more ticket details.


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