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Tanqueray, one of the world’s most awarded gins, has announced the launch of the Tanqueray Rangpur Gin in Asia, a distilled gin with a zesty citrus twist which is now available across selected bars and restaurants in Singapore.

Unveiling the best kept secret of the British-Indian tradition, Tanqueray Rangpur Gin takes its name from the Rangpur lime, a unique fruit of the native Indian Rangpur tree that blends the zestiness of lime and the juiciness of a Mandarin orange. Distilling the Rangpur lime with other botanicals – including bay leaf, ginger and of course juniper – gives Tanqueray Rangpur Gin a subtle, yet memorably Asian twist that makes it ideal for a classic martini, a highball, or an invigorating shot on the rocks.

As part of the launch, Tanqueray has invited David Rios winner of the 2013 Diageo World Class, the industry’s most prestigious and respected mixology competition. Today, he is of the most authoritative voices in the world of cocktails, particularly in gin where he’s won two national and international gin & tonic championships in 2010 and 2011. David has put together a series of cocktail recipes featuring the Tanqueray.


Beneath the stiffly pressed shirts and tuxedo tie ensemble David wears during competition, meeting David in person whilst he presents each cocktail concoction with flair, puts the bar staff at ease before opening hours, in spite of some language difficulty. But we are talking about Gin here, taste itself is often  a universal language.

What sets Tanqueray Rangpur Gin apart from others?

Tanqueray Rangpur is a gin with intense flavours. It is very aromatic and more distinctive than any gin you can find in the market. The zest of the Rangpur limes along with the fresh notes of bay leafs and ginger, provides a gin that is very fragrant and easy to drink.

Recipe : Gin & Tonic with Tanqueray Rangpur (Drink it, ’nuff said)

 50 ml Tanqueray Rangpur  200 ml fever Tree Mediterranean  Lemon wheel  Orange bitter, slice of ginger and fresh bay leaf  Lime zest oil and spray of bay leaf infusión* *Fresh bay leaf with hot wáter placed in an atomizer


Do you draw flavour inspiration from your travels?

Yes, I am constantly drawing inspiration from my travels. There is always a new ingredient, technique, culture, and story that I take back from travelling around the world.

Is there a renewed interest in Gin from the general public in the past 2-5 years?

I wouldn’t say renewed, but there is a growing interest that has been happening for a longer time. This trend has been going on for more than 20 years ago, and it is mainly fuelled by the rise of technology and the popularity of mixology.


Recipe : Gin & Tonic with Tanqueray London Dry (This is an absolute thirst quencher !)

50 ml Tanqueray London Dry  200 ml Fever Tree Elderflower  Lemon and lime wheel  2 dash bitter lemon and lime bitter (or any citrus based bitter)  Lime and orange zest oil twist and mint sprig

What is the turning point in your career?

That would have to be winning the Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year title back 2013. World Class is the toughest and most prestigious competition in the world. After winning the competition, my life changed forever.

Are bartending awards the benchmark of one’s talent?

They are a benchmark of talent for sure, as bartending awards like World Class test your capabilities and pushes you to the limit. You are judged on creativity, concentration, hospitality, technique, knowledge and so much more. Having said that, this does not mean that awards are the only benchmark of talent. There are great bartenders who either don’t like to compete or don’t want to compete, but nevertheless they are still great at what they do, just not judged based on awards.

Recipe : Gin & Tonic with Tanqueray Nº Ten (A classic with some fan fair)

50 ml Tanqueray Nº Ten  200 ml Fever Tree Indian tonic water  Lime and red grapefruit wheel  Lime twist X 2  Cinnamon stick and Spanish fan to aromatize

What is your advice to your younger self?

I don’t regret anything in life, so I would tell younger myself to dream, enjoy, smile at life and what will come ahead.

Tanqueray Gin has a rich heritage with a history that spans 180 years from when Charles Tanqueray first began crafting the world’s finest gin. Breaking family tradition by trading the cloth for the still, Charles followed his ultimate vision and passionately set out to make the best gin possible. He set up his distillery in 1830 where he experimented with many possible recipes and travelled far and wide in search of the highest quality ingredients before hitting on the careful balance of flavours make up Tanqueray Gin. Today, the iconic brand continues to maintain Charles Tanqueray’s legacy of excellence and know-how in making high quality gin and its enduring status as the Bartender’s Favourite gin.

The distinctive and iconic green bottle is inspired by the traditional three-piece cocktail shaker which rose to fame during the prohibition cocktail movement of the 1920s and along with the Tanqueray red wax seal, has become a symbol of uncompromising quality.

The new Tanqueray Rangpur Gin is sold at Cellarbration retail stores, distributed by Singapore Beverages Pte Ltd.

Alas, a secret no more. #GinTonic


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