The Vintage Decade



The classic cliché “Everything Old is New Again” describes one of the strongest style trends that has emerged during the first half of the first decade of the 21st Century. Fashion historians and style observers will remember these years and possibly the entire decade as “The Vintage Decade”.

Fashionistas worldwide have incorporated vintage looks into their repertoire in an effort to establish a more distinctive style with a hint of mystery. Hence, it only seems natural for Samsonite’s prestigious Black Label collection to revisit the brand’s legendary past. Not every traveller is satisfied with a black bag.


For fashion-forward travellers, luggage is an accessory and an avenue of self-expression. With that in mind, Samsonite is proud to re-introduce its best-selling Vintage design – offering retrochic looks along with thoroughly modern silhouettes. First launched in the 1960s, Fashionaire then consisted of a variety of hard-cases available in eye-popping colours and a graphic black-on-white floral print.

This ground-breaking collection not only acknowledged the growing number of women travellers, it was also the first time that travellers were offered luggage that was both fashionable and functional. It was an immediate hit.

Forty years later, Samsonite Black Label brought back Fashionaire as a series of modern suitcases that featured the same iconic floral pattern as the original collection. Produced in 2007, the collection was available in strictly limited numbers, making the wheeled upright, train case, duffel, and flight bag highly coveted items that sold out quickly.


Today, Samsonite Black Label resurrects this all-time favourite in a limited-edition collection that captures today’s dual fascination with vintage fashion and modern technology. Thus, the new Fashionaire features the line’s heritage floral pattern, but now the cases are constructed of state-of-the-art materials. The leather wrapped handle and leather zip puller are adding a luxurious finish and a comfortable touch. And the addition of a brushed-gold logo plate adds a contemporary twist to an iconic look.

Christina Ricci for Fashionaire

Christina Ricci for Fashionaire

Fashionaire is comprised of omnidirectional spinner bags in two sizes. Both come with a shoe bag, a cosmetics bag, and a foldable luggage cover. The larger case also has a garment bag with hanger, while the smaller model comes with a packing cube that is perfect for organizing smaller items. Inside, both bags feature a new interior design with red herringbone lining. A zipper divider and cross ribbons provide easy and convenient packing.

Samsonite continually invests in new ways to engage and connect with global travelers. An active YouTube channel and a travel app provide a wealth of resources, connectivity and entertainment for today’s on-the-go travelers. By identifying trends and interpreting the continuing evolution of world travelers’ needs, Samsonite plays a pivotal role in the multifaceted lives of the global traveler.




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