TIGER Beer celebrates the Jubilee weekend with a crowd-sourced party


Singapore’s most iconic brew, Tiger Beer, celebrated Singapore’s 50th anniversary with a quirky twist with the Unofficial Official Party of SG50 last night. The historic Capitol Theatre was at full capacity with consumers and members of the media attending the party.

To uncage the nation from the usual SG50 celebrations, Tiger Beer threw its own epic version of a National Day party, featuring many crowd-sourced party highlights that celebrated our Singaporean-ness, but with a twist. It had earlier organised an election where members of the public were invited to vote for the crazy party ideas they wanted at their ideal party for Singapore, and the most popular ideas were transformed into reality at the party.


Upon arrival to the party, Tiger fans were greeted with quirky twists to well-loved Singaporean icons such as a Merlion Sculpture created with recycled Tiger Beer cans, an ice sculpture of Marina Bay Sands, a hawker that doubled up as a DJ and a conveyer belt bar serving fresh-from-the-barrel Tiger Beer, among others. The Chilli Crab Fountain was a sight to behold with a large crab as a centrepiece and an endless flow of chilli crab sauce cascading from the fountain’s tiers, while Durian Dodgeball, a popular consumers’ choice, was brought to life with a play arena featuring plush toy reincarnations of the spiky fruit (No consumers were hurt in the process).  Additionally, the giant ‘chope’ tissue pack beanbags also served as a nice resting zone for party-goers to spectate any Durian Dodgeball showdowns.

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