Visual Loft celebrates its official launch with a pre-launch Referral Reward Campaign


Online prescription eyewear specialist, Visual Loft, is kicking off the celebrations for their official
launch on 25th April, with a Referral Reward Campaign.
The pre-launch campaign, to be held from the 13th to 22nd April, features a pair of prescription
glasses with Zeiss lenses as the top prize, which is to be awarded to the participant with the
highest referral rate. Other rewards include discount vouchers and cleaning kits. Zeiss lenses are
one of the top quality lenses around, trusted by consumers worldwide.

For its official launch, the first 300 customers will receive a free gift pack worth up to SGD 95 with
every purchase. Each pack will consist of the following items:
1. 1 set of cleaning kit (spray and micro cloth)
2. Visual Loft vouchers worth up to SGD 20
3. Discount vouchers for the purchase of 5 boxes of monthly contact lens for the price of 3.
With the rising retail prices of prescription spectacles, quality glasses are increasingly becoming
less affordable.

In order to provide quality and stylish prescription eyewear at affordable prices, Visual Loft takes
advantage of the online platform to keep its cost at a minimum. This allows the company to keep
its product prices lower than that of retail outlets, hence enabling customers to purchase quality
prescription glasses sans exorbitant retail prices.

Visual Loft has four in-house brands, with each showcasing a unique style; Manhattan Eyewear
features classic and timeless designs, OMO! (OMG! in Korean) houses fun and quirky Koreaninspired
glasses, 目 (eye or vision in Japanese) focuses on Japan-inspired pieces, and AIR Eyewear
offers feather-light frames designed specially with comfort in mind.

Founded in 2015, Visual Loft is an online prescription eyewear provider, with a bold vision to
establish itself as the leading online brand in Singapore, offering quality and stylish prescription
glasses at highly affordable prices.

Offering more than just eyewear, Visual Loft also advocates for transparency. Through clarity and
openness between their consumers and the brand, the company strives empower their customers
to make informed decisions and open communication for personalised services.


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