Welcome the Lunar New Year with ‘The Way of Tea’ at COMO Shambhala Estate



COMO Hotels and Resorts’ flagship wellness retreat in Bali – is pleased to welcome celebrated Tea Master and Zen monk, Wu De to lead a number of tea ceremonies. He will be with us to welcome in the Lunar New Year from January 23rd to February 1st 2017.

Wu De is a leading practitioner of Chao Dao (literally: the way of tea). During his travels through India, Burma, Japan and Thailand, he learnt to prepare tea as fuel for intensive meditation. He then began studying Chinese Gong Fu (literally: the art of doing something well) tea ceremonies under Master Lin Ping Xiang, after being ordained as a minister of Soto Zen. Gong Futeaches us that the ultimate tea experience is to be found through the application of time, dedication and effort.

Wu De will be leading a number of tea ceremonies for guests of COMO Shambhala Estate during his time here. There will be a‘Chao Dao Tea Ceremony’ group session on January 28th (the night of the Lunar New Year), and daily ‘Kedara Water Gathering and Purification’ rituals. Wu De will also provide private ‘Gong Fu Tea Ceremonies’ for guests seeking to immerse themselves deeper into this ancient practice.

Wu De will choose a special wild or organic living tea for every guest, based on his tea selecting intuition refined through years of intense study. For one guest he may choose a beautifully roasted oolong; for another guest, he may recommend an aged Puerh or a radiantly fresh green tea. After this sacred ceremony, Wu De will give a talk on the relationship between Zen and tea, explaining how guests can incorporate the spirit of tea into their daily lives.

Tea has been used medicinally for millennia to calm the heart, brighten the spirit, circulate energy and harmonise the body. Wu De’s ceremonies will create a space for anybody wanting to experience a deeper sense of clarity through tea drinking.


Wu De will be available for a number of group or private sessions from January 23rd to February 1st 2017. These include:

Cha Dao Tea Ceremony Group Session 90 minutes

Wu De will use his intuition to select a tea appropriate for the day of the tea session. He will serve guests in silence, allowing everyone to experience a deep inner peace. After serving and drinking the tea, he will give a short talk. By the end, participants will have sharpened their senses to life around them and experienced the alchemy and magic of Cha Dao tea in the presence of a man who has dedicated his life to the leaf.

Gong Fu Tea Ceremony Private Session 90 minutes

In this private workshop Wu De will share the art of the Gong Fu tea ceremony, guiding his guests through every step of brewing Gong Fu tea gracefully. This is a meditative and instructive experience, for guests wanting to deepen their knowledge of tea preparation.

Kedara Water Gathering and Purification 60 minutes

Recognised as one of Bali’s eight holy water sources, COMO Shambhala Estate’s spring is used regularly by local villagers who make pilgrimages to the spring to collect water for their ceremonies. Each day Wu De collects the water here to be used in his tea ceremonies. Having collected the water, it is brought to the Estate’s temple, Padma Sana, where a Balinese blessing ceremony takes place and prayers are performed by the Begawan village priest.

COMO Shambhala Estate is a residential health retreat with luxury villa-style accommodation near Ubud, Bali. This ‘retreat for change’ is a place to relax and improve wellbeing. State-of-the-art wellness facilities include a vitality pool, treatment areas both indoors and outdoors near to the Ayung River, a rock climbing wall, two gyms, Pilates studio and two yoga venues (pavilion and bale). The Estate’s resident experts, who all support the 360-degree approach to wellness, include a yoga instructor, Ayurvedic doctor and oriental medicine masters, with nutritional menus by COMO Shambhala Cuisine.


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