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Peter with Cuboid

One finds it quite hard to put a finger on the genre of art by Peter Arnoud Bensen. Formerly a commercial deep-sea diver, Peter is very much a self-taught-2nd-career artist. But spending time with Peter as he patiently explains his works reflects a pensive nature which somehow holds comfortably the creative flow of energy within.

I find the minds of most artists intriguing, what more when one is between a designer, an inventor and an artist. Other than sculptures and avant-garde lighting, Peter also came up with a patented joining device and system (Cube-it) which can hold up from 8 to 40 tonnes !

Frame Main

The simple design very often the most useful one.

And this speaks a lot about Peter.

Perspective, light, shadow, height and space play important roles on sculptures. Peter’s works are very much influenced by his diving career where deep sea structures take on different dimensions with each depth. Isn’t this like life sometimes ? As we step back, step forward, or even remain still, our current situation morph into sizeable proportions for deconstruction and analysis.

This fluidity evident in Peter’s works explains why his inaugural exhibition, is aptly named ‘Illusion: Shape-shifting Sculptures’. Instead of finding chaos in this fluidity, the metal sculpture frames sit on  a base made of rosewood. The contrast between the texture and medium did not clash but is elegantly eclectic. It brings to a smaller scale of deep sea construction sub structures anchored on the sea bed as a sense of earthing supported by Mother Earth.

Peter with Gerda

Speaking with his mother, Gerda Bensen, brings about a quiet joy as she reflects on Peter’s childhood and how he is able to detach himself to look for solutions. This early ability to unlock himself from difficulties has since helped him to engage in meaningful pursuits despite constraints and difficulties. Perhaps Peter had made the Umbilical sculpture piece unknowingly as a tribute to his mother. The 2-dimensional work plays with the eye thinking that it is a 3-dimensional piece. Besides the trick eye, the series of rings and swirls captures how nourishment flows towards a child inside a human body.

Golden Heart

Another piece, the Golden Heart plays on the concept of the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Spiral. A visual treat is to walk around this piece and look at it from the top. The base shows how it can be folded (visually, of course) into one central piece perfectly. This ancient ratio, proportion and balance never cease to please the eye and holds attention of the mind playfully folding the cubes towards the centre of the heart and collapsing it together perfectly, thus giving harmony to the entire piece.

Flower arrangement

The wonderful part of this exhibition is that the aesthetics are delicately presented with mathematical precision. There is hardly any imbalance, or an obtrusive piece clamoring the mind, challenging to make radical shifts at each moment.

Go, take a walk with Peter, and let him show you the many worlds his succinct style quietly speaks.


Illusion Exhibition is held at the Fullerton Hotel until 30th August 2015. Peter Arnoud Bensen and Scientist Dr. Pina Marziliano-Bensen runs PABensen, a design company that strives to create thought-provoking works and innovative functional products that bridge the fields of Art and Science.

Peter with Pina

Founded in 2012, PABensen celebrates the union of Art and Science through its concepts, designs and works. Each handcrafted product is designed to be artistic and functional with an underlying scientific principle.

From luxurious sculptures to avant-garde lighting, PABensen continues to explore, innovate and provide superior quality lifestyle services for customers worldwide.




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