Wine Delivery App BottlesXO Officially Launches In Singapore


Following its success in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Suzhou, BottlesXO launched in Singapore yesterday promising to deliver wines at the perfect drinking temperature in less than 60 minutes.

You can enjoy delectable wines from select boutique wineries around Europe with just a few touches of the finger. No delivery fee needed. It’s like the 911 to your wine emergency, quick and ready.

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Aiming to be a mobile sommelier, BottlesXO goes beyond just selling wines. The app also suggests food-wine pairings, informs users on taste notes and details the bottles’ origins. Who doesn’t love a one-stop app?

But, even more fascinating than its all-encompassing feature, is the wine selection offered. Speaking at the launch, Thilo Fuchs, one of the founders of BottlesXO, said that they would not try to sell wines they couldn’t vouch for. All of the produce is from family-owned boutique wineries across Europe that they have personally visited. The wines seen on the app are purchased directly from the producers and carefully selected according to the local taste and climate of Singapore.


While handpicked bottles of wines may sound like they’re going to burn holes in your pocket, the ones offered by BottlesXO won’t make your eyes water (not unjustifiably at least). Standing by their philosophy that high quality wine doesn’t have to be expensive, the price of the bottles starts from $35. But at BottlesXO, as Fuchs said, “Even the cheapest one is already a good choice.”

So, if you’re in the mood of having a good bottle this weekend (and possibly win a $200 BottlesXo voucher if you place your order before 10 March), you know where to go.

Written By Irene Cyrena


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