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For thousands of years, humans have been on a quest to combat the process of degenerative ageing and find the secret of eternal youth. Recent advances in scientific research now offer us hope that this dream may indeed become a reality. Enter TimeBlock, a wholly organic plant-extract based breakthrough formulation developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany that repairs human DNA and supports youthful cell regeneration.

TimeBlock is the first product in the world proven in human trials to reverse biological age significantly. Key ageing markers such as DNA damage, inflammation, telomere length and cell energy production were measured during the trial amongst 120 participants at Vienna University. At the end of the trial, results showed an astounding 23% reversal in biological age of participants within 6 months.

The anti-ageing health benefits of TIMEBLOCK®:

• Helps to minimise the biological ageing process • Supports the cell repair process • Vitalises the cells • Protects against oxidative stress • Supports the immune system • Helps minimise tiredness and fatigue • Helps minimise muscle and joint pain.

TIMEBLOCK® is perfectly structured to the human bio-rhythm (Day & Night) and deems additional nutritional supplements necessary. How TIMEBLOCK® delays ageing processes. The plant-derived compound in TIMEBLOCK have a positive impact on Telomerase.

Telomeres work like an inbuilt clock inside every cell, which shows the variable length of life expectancy. Each time a cell divides, they get a little shorter, and after around 50 cell divisions the cell eventually dies. The length of telomeres is an indicator of the ageing process. The enzyme telomerase protects against the continuous shortening by lengthening the telomeres and slowing down the biological ageing process.

These nutrients are specially tailored for each cell : Wheatgrass helps gray hair and makes for thicker hair. Chlorophyll and beta-carotene detoxify and cleanse the blood. Green tea promotes brain function and protects against brain damage. Polyphenols stimulate the metabolism and slow the ageing process in the DNA. Tagetes improves vision and reduces the risk of developing an eye disease (for example, cataracts). Tomatoes protect against vascular deposits, arteriosclerosis, heart attack and several types of cancer by trapping free radicals. Barley grass protects against chronic diseases and helps against intestinal disorders, infections and joint pain. Seaweed promote the excretion of toxins, harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Shiitake mushrooms settle with its high vitamin D content of the calcium level in the bones and strengthen the immune system. Grape seeds promote collagen production in the skin. Flavonoids act against venous disease, varicose veins and water retention.

All of the natural ingredients are selectively sourced from all over the world, with Swiss-technology harvesting processes that ensures optimal herbal nutrient efficacy. TIMEBLOCK® integrates herbal ingredients that have been specially cultivated under organic conditions at extreme elevations of over 1,500m. The ingredients found in TIMEBLOCK® command deep, fertile soils with a low CO2 level in the air. This is an essential requirement for optimal herbal nutrients and microfauna that contain the perfect pH values. These impeccable conditions have an extremely positive effect on the harvest.


Daily natural supplement, provides natural vitamins, plant extracts, antioxidants and minerals to support healthier ageing. 1 Morning capsule to prepare your body and mind for the daily activities that lay ahead, and helps in connective tissue formation and maintain normal DNA synthesis. And 1 Night capsule to provide a deeper, more restful and regenerative sleep.

It also boosts immune system, provides essential daily vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which helps reduce free radical damage to cells This is where your body, immune system and organs including your skin regenerate. Maintains healthy skin, hair and nails for a more youthful appearance. Provides energy and helps maintain cognitive functions so you can be at your best !

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