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Green Is The New Black (GITNB) returns on Saturday, 22 of October 2016 from 9AM – 9PM at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore. An annual affair, GITNB promotes awareness of how to improve the way we live, work and consume in our daily lives. The idea is to provide knowledge that inspires us to make more conscious decisions. It is a one-day event that fuses the best speakers, change makers, music and brands with mindfulness, the pursuit of happiness, and meaningful connections., equally intrigued by the novelty and speakers lined up, spoke with Stephanie Dickson, co-Founder of GITNB, on how running a business, environmental responsibility and personal well being can co-exist harmoniously.

1. How is this year’s GITNB different from last year?

This year we are back bigger and better than last year! In 2015 we featured over 40 conscious brands at the FESTIVAL, this year we will be featuring over 60. Last year we had 1 panel discussion at the TALKS, this year there will be an entire day of transformational talks, bringing together some of the leading conscious living and working thought leaders from Singapore, Asia and beyond. And to top it all off we are having a pool party presented by #NextJen.

2. What difference can one purchase make, during the festival? Will the local community benefit from it?

We love discovering new local brands who are going about their business in a better way and are championing for consumers’ choice and transparency. So we have created a platform to showcase and spotlight local entrepreneurs and brands who are making meaningful change in their industries and doing good in the world. So when people buy something from the festival, they are supporting local change makers.

On top of that, for everyone who registers for an activity and for each transaction at the marketplace, we are sponsoring extra tuition classes to assist young girls in Cambodia to pass their exams, allowing them to continue in school. This is made possible thanks to our giving partner Buy1Give1.

We hope to help people to buy consciously, by taking time to understand where a product comes from, who made it and the effect it will have on them and the environment.


3. What do you look for, in the partners you work with?

We are all for collaboration and partnerships, it really is one of the key success factors for the festival, and I believe, one of the key advantages in business today. We work with people who are doing good in the world and are helping people to live more consciously in their own way.

For example Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore who are our co-organisers and host – their efforts of  small changes to make a big difference is formidable, from fair trade coffee to creating their own compost for their spice garden to recycling their soap to give to those in need.

The Wellness Report is our Wellness Partner who helps to give people the tools they need to improve their wellness on a daily basis.

Buy1Give1 helps companies to make more impact through giving initiatives around the world – like what we are doing for girls in Cambodia.

We truly believe in the way our partners go about their businesses and the change they wish to see, and vice versa they believe in us, so it is a natural fit.

4. How do you guide like-minded seekers who have been there, done that and decide to take the plunge to try something entirely different? How will GITNB help them discover their true purpose?

Well I am glad that you asked. We have created a full day of game changing talks for people who are ready to make change and live more consciously. For this we have 3 tracks where we are exploring conscious living, working and fashion. We are creating a feast for the mind and motivation: come one person, leave another.


Don’t miss the tracks exploring conscious living, working and fashion:

BEING [Self & Inner Compass] – Overcome self-doubt, deal with your inner critic, and stay on top of your game.

DOING [Working With Purposeful Impact] – Find purpose at work, connect and learn from change makers leading the way, and make more impact.

HAVING [Fashion & Consumption] – Learn what it means to be sustainable and ethical in today’s world as we explore if green can become the new black !

Some of the speakers featured are ROBYN SILVERTON, The Holistic Shift {London} ; SOLONIA TEODROS The Change School {Singapore } ; JASON POMEROY, Pomeroy Studio { Singapore} ; PAUL DUNN, B1G1 {Singapore } ; KATE BLACK, Magnifeco {New York} ; LANVY NGUYEN, Fashion4Freedom {Vietnam }.


The event is free to the public, however there is a fee for the TALKS and the WORKSHOPS. Tickets will be available at the official website ( For all updates, guests can log on to the event page (


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