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Committed to offering one-of-a-kind experiences unique to their properties, Capella have expanded their Capella Curates programme, which launched earlier this year, to include adventures designed specifically for foodies.

From traditional fishing off the coast of Blessed Bay, private tours of Düsseldorf’s infamous breweries, and a hawker centre exploration with one of Singapore’s most famous foodies, the Capella Curates experiences are only available for guests of their properties in Singapore, Shanghai, Sanya, Ubud and Düsseldorf. The Capella Culturists have scoured their respective destinations to hunt out unique opportunities for guests to meet quirky local figures, learn new skills, and truly get beneath the skin of the locale.

Capella Curates’ exclusive experiences were launched to showcase the very best of each locale. Capella Hotels & Resorts have now unveiled five new experiences to introduce guests to local culinary delights around the world.

Capella Ubud: The Art of Jamu

Now a millennial health fix go-to, Jamu has been embedded in Indonesian life for centuries. The herbal medicine is made up of natural ingredients, such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds and leaves, and is believed to have otherworldly healing powers. Capella Ubud’s resident Jamu Specialist, or ‘Mbok Jamu’ will guide guests through the complex medicine and fascinating history, beginning with a trip through the rice paddies to a local farmers’ hut, where guests will compose the celebrated health tonic, using an ancient recipe which has been passed through the generations. Guests can take away a bottled version of their concoction to enjoy within three days.

Capella Singapore: Evelyn Chen’s Hawker Haunts

Cheap street food in the city has flourished since the 1800’s, when Singapore started thriving as an entrepôt; with permanent food stalls serving a variety of cuisines and shared seating areas, hawker centres are now dotted throughout the city and have become a staple in Singapore’s famed culinary heritage. Born and raised in Singapore, Evelyn Chen has become synonymous with the city’s burgeoning food scene; in addition to being a well-known food journalist, blogger, and social media influencer, Evelyn is one of the regional academy chairs for World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards. Evelyn Chen’s Hawker Haunts will see her lead guests on a hawker centre crawl across Singapore, showcasing the nation’s favourite dishes such as kaya toast, chicken rice and char kway teow.

 Capella Sanya: Fishing DaWang at Latitude 18 Degrees 09’34”

The Wang brothers have been fishing along the picturesque Blessed Bay for over 30 years, the art of fishing having been passed down through several generations of their family. This experience invites guests to join the brothers on board, where they will learn traditional fishing techniques, casting the net with guidance from the local experts as they share nautical tales from the Bay area. After the fishing trip, guests can take their catch back to Capella Sanya, where the Chef will create a unique local concoction based on the fish, cooked to the guest’s preference.

 Capella Breidenbacher Hof, Düsseldorf: The Tasteful Draft of Craft

Drinking ‘Altbier’, the indigenous beer of Düsseldorf, is arguably the city’s most prominent tradition, harking back to over 3,000 years ago. Capella Breidenbacher Hof, Düsseldorf invites guests on a tailor-made tour through the picturesque old town where they are privy to an exclusive behind-the-scenes of some of the city’s finest breweries. After the tour – and a couple of samples along the way – the Master Brewer himself will accompany the group for a local meal at the brewery and has been known to end the experience with a shot of something stronger.

 Capella Shanghai: Master of Ceremony

With a history dating back around 4,000 years, China is widely recognized for its tea culture; Chinese tea ceremonies are not only centered around drinking tea, but also learning and understanding the social impact tea has had. At Capella Shanghai, guests are invited to meet the cheery Tea Master, Ms Dai, who will guide them through the intricate tea ceremony process, which requires peace and pureness, and ultimately aims to offer enlightenment. Ms Dai will share her detailed knowledge and introduce various types of tea, which will vary according to the season, in a private tea room, open only for Capella Shanghai guests. In addition to sampling the various teas, guests will learn more about the history of tea, discovering the uniqueness of different blends and the role of tea in Chinese culture.

Capella Hotels and Resorts are masters in the craft of the stay, offering experiences curated for the curious mind, blending nature, history, and the finest attention to detail. The Capella Hotels and Resorts portfolio consists of properties in Singapore, Ubud, Shanghai, Sanya, Düsseldorf and Bangkok in a few months, as well as hotels in the Maldives and Sydney set to open in the near future.

The Capella Hotels and Resorts collection consists of properties in Singapore, Ubud, Shanghai, Sanya and Düsseldorf. Capella Bangkok located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River will be joining the portfolio in a few months, as well as hotels in the Maldives and Sydney set to open in the near future.

The exceptional hospitality group focuses on crafting authentic, cultural experiences for its guests, combining a legacy of thoughtful design with the highest level of personalised service.


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