Kaiserhaus Goes Wild Over Game This October



As Europe marks the beginning of the traditional hunting season, Kaiserhaus, Singapore’s only restaurant serving up classic dishes from Central Europe, unveils its month-long Game menu. Launching it for the first time, the restaurant is enhancing the taste of the meat so rich in protein and untainted natural flavours. According to Executive Chef Hans Lüftenegger because meat from game roams across vast expanse of land and mainly forages on a natural diet, the quality and flavours of the cuts are very distinct, making cooking with game a privilege. Sourcing exotic meat from sustainable free-ranging farms in Europe, Kaiserhaus Wild Game menu kicks off with the lean and extremely flavourful venison. The Chef serves the home-cured Venison Carpaccio sliced to perfection from the venison loin on a bed of peppery rockets is topped with a delicate shaving of parmesan. A second starter option is the Hungarian Duck Liver, lightly sautéed and thinly glazed with cranberry sauce served with a delicious zesty lemon butter sauce.

For the mains, the Chef has an option of the Wildragout. The deer meat for this rich game stew simmers for hours in a medley of herbs and spices. The meat when served with the deeply flavourful broth, simply melts in your mouth. The lean meat from the shoulder is enhanced with chunks of root vegetables and the soft dumpling is the perfect accompaniment to soak up the thick slow-cooked soup. The second main selection is Hirschsteak (pictured left), the Venison Steak. Everything wrapped in bacon simply tastes better but this pan-seared Venison Steak shrouded in bacon, both sources from Europe and packed with natural flavours, is some of the finest slice served in Singapore. The juicy steak is served with Schupfnudeln or traditional thick dumpling noodles, a side of apple red cabbage and caramelized chestnuts.

Chestnuts, a definite comfort food that evokes wonderful memories of festivals and holidays is the key ingredient for the dessert. The creamy Sweet Chestnut parfait with a dusting of chocolate sprinkles and heaped with luxurious marinated balsamic cherries is simply divine and perfect end to a meal that celebrates seasons and classic cooking techniques. Game Week Promotion ends Thursday, 24th November.

Kaiserhaus brings the distinguished Habsburg culinary culture to the Lion City. For the first time, discerning diners in Singapore can indulge in the rich multi-cultural heritage and flavours of over a dozen nations, which framed the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. The restaurant’s menu is a celebration of authentic cuisine, beers and wines from this melting pot of culinary traditions inspired by the Habsburg rule which in the year 1900 extended over Austria, Hungary, Northern Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and parts of Poland, Serbia, Romania and the Ukraine. With a wide variety of exquisite homemade cakes and pastries freshly prepared every day, the Viennese coffeehouse culture features prominently at Kaiserhaus. The iconic Julius Meinl gourmet coffee and tea brand dating back to 1862 makes its Singapore debut here, while delicacies from artisan pâtisserie, Zauner, the preferred supplier of confectionery to the Austrian Imperial Family in the 19th Century, are a definite must. w





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