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La Maison du Whisky is a temporary pop-up, a partnership between two long-term and complementary partners. The design sets you in the atmosphere of a refined whisky shop: wood, leather, and these intriguing bottles… But it also exudes the quirky atmosphere of a “Cabinet de Curiosités”, a curiosity cabinet, these places which appeared in Europe during Renaissance (14th-17th century), and gathering works of art, natural history, ethnography…


The Library is a cocktail bar in the speakeasy tradition. However, unlike the days of prohibition, it is not remaining hidden out of necessity as it is no longer illegal to serve alcohol. The style of drinks is unconventional – favoring lavish, silly and sometimes absurd presentation of cocktails. In controlling entry (password only) and forbidding any photography of the venue, it creates a genuine threshold between the everyday humdrum world and a whole new world inside the bar. It is a stronger feeling of escape, one in which people must surrender their expectations before entering into. In the end, The Library attracts a crowd of people looking for an intimate and off-mainstream experience.


Over a few months, the space will evolve, to highlight new artworks and interesting bottles. From July, monthly focus will renew this place: Agave in July (Tequila and Mezcal), Compass Box and Blends in August, Monkey 47 and gins in September, and premium rums in October. Many exciting things to discover…

The Library will be pleased to host from May 2015 a new valued partner : La Maison du Whisky.


La Maison du Whisky selects every year an artist to design a selected cask range (appropriately named the Artist Range), and to illustrate the catalogue. This year, the artist is Albane Simon, aka The Surreal Collagist.


Albane’s imagination unfolds in a world of strange, surrealist figures. Mixing vintage and fantasy, she stages apocalyptic themes within whimsical settings packed with evocative details, creating a style in which antique tragedy and futurist delirium intertwine.

An unconditional lover of Hip-hop, Albane seeks her inspiration from primary sources. The independent labels of the Californian coast have become the post-modern muses of her first creations.


In return, she has produced a number of timeless collages to illustrate concert posters as well as the albums of international artists whose rhythms have inspired her work. Albane’s talent extends beyond the world of music to deal with a variety of different themes such as ecology, architecture and spirituality. She has staged several exhibitions and in each, her cabinet of curiosities – a mixture of trivial antiques and vintage-style objects – invite the spectator to enter a new spatiotemporal realm.


Let La Maison du Whisky x The Library invite you to discover & taste new specially created cocktails.


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