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Just like the presence of oil, acid, spices and sugar, water also plays a part in the flavor profile when it comes to dining. Serving tap water to an otherwise excellent whisky pairing dinner can flatten the overall meal palate but serving the right water, be it natural spring or mineral helps cleanses the palate and enhance the overall dining experience.

While one may balk at the prices of drinking water served at several dining establishments here in Singapore, there is considerable knowledge when it comes to drinking water. Sam Wu (, Founder and CEO at The Water Sommelier ( demonstrated a range of what appears to the untrained eye, simply bottled waters at a water workshop to educate on the different water brands, the different characteristics between labels such as Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water, Pure Water and Purified Water, and why some bottled water are simply, pure marketing.

Exposed to excellent water brands while studying in Europe, Sam’s passion for good drinking water led him to enroll in the Doemens Academy in Germany for the Water Sommelier Certification course and become the first Singaporean certified water sommelier. True to the evangelist’s heart, Sam shared on the health benefits of European water brands due to the mineral profile in the water composition such as the presence of sodium, calcium and magnesium, and how it affects one’s taste and enjoyment of water. With benefits such as promoting good digestion with the presence of sodium bicarbonate content, regulating cholesterol and triglycerides, reduction of cardiovascular risk, as well as a natural isotonic drink to boost endurance and recovery after sports activities, it is no wonder the European quality of life is very much emulated worldwide.

Sam carries 2 prestigious brands from Europe amongst a fine collection. Hildon Natural Mineral Water from the United Kingdom supplies to the Royal Household for many years and is awarded the Royal Warrant of Appointment to HM The Queen. VICHY CATALAN, or better known as VCH Barcelona outside of Spain, contains 27 out of the 34 minerals the human body needs for good health. With a natural filtration over 10,000 years, it is no wonder that 1 litre of VCH Barcelona a day helps reduce blood levels of bad cholesterol by 15% !

Strict European certifications demonstrated that Natural Mineral Water is microbiologically safe, has stable Mineral levels, and of Original Purity (NO purification). Tight regulations also dictate Natural Mineral Waters must come from sources that are well-protected and far from industrial pollution.

Water is indeed life giving and Sam has 10 brands in mind that he hopes to bring ashore to the local restaurateurs and households alike. For a complete water tasting workshop, do reach out to Sam at


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