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The Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) concert in Batam was a smashing success!

Fans queued up in eager anticipation for doors to be opened, and they came in early to show their enthusiasm. VIPs such as Vice Mayor Isdianto and Chairman of Parliament Jumaga Nadeak were spotted amongst those in the crowds.

Performing for successive runs in Asia, the Danish group reckons Asia as an important part of their fan base. Indeed, MLTR current ‘Still Asian Tour 2018’ stays true to fans’ loyal support throughout the years.

One of the fans, SANTI, was excited when she heard that MLTR is coming to Batam. ‘Even though we have local artistes holding big concerts in Batam, we seldom have international artistes holding concerts here. I come early because I heard that the concert was sold out. I first heard their songs over the CD when I was in senior high school, maybe I’ll sing along to their songs later. I do hope this concert to be successful!’

Another fan, NORINA, ‘I heard their songs when I was little, from my parents’ CD. I am here with my co-workers from the bank. We are familiar with their popular songs such as ‘Paint My Love’ and ‘Sleeping Child’. These songs are more everlasting. I was a bit surprised to hear them coming to perform in Batam as I went to concerts in Singapore by international groups such as ColdPlay. I do hope more international groups will come to Batam to perform!’

Songs performed brought back many memories from those whom excitedly sang along and reminiscenced on MLTR hits heard over the Radio and on CDs. (Note the MTV generation before Spotify came along).

The fans were definitely not disappointed with the acute timing, rhythm and familiar melodies that rang throughout the concert hall. They sang along with MLTR, and went wild when lead singer Jascha Richter walked into the crowds during one of the songs.

Speaking to the concert promotor, Mr Tommy Pratama, he philosophically explained that music is the universal language of the world that brings people together, referring to current turmoil and recent shootings. Puzzling to note that even though 40% of the concert tickets were sold to expatriates and overseas fans, yet the entire concert tickets were sold out within 3 weeks in Batam, compared to Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan where tickets were sold out only 3 days before. This reflects the hunger for more international acts to be brought over to Batam. Mr Pratama added there are new projects in the pipeline next March, such as a Music Festival, plus a few more surprises thrown in, which remains under wraps.

It was obvious that no one wanted to leave the concert venue that evening.

Borrowing words from ‘Sleeping Child’, MLTR’s lyrics is still applicable to this day.

‘Indeed if the people around the world
They had a mind like yours
We’d have no fighting and no wars
There would be lasting peace on Earth’

Truly a message much needed during this time of the year.

MLTR, you are never too late for Asia, or the World.


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