New Rolls-Royce Dawn makes Southeast Asian debut in Singapore



Rolls-Royce Motor Cars debuts Dawn in Singapore for the first time in Southeast Asia, ushering in the new full four-seater, super-luxury Drophead Coupé, the company’s first new convertible in 8 years. Singapore’s Sentosa Island was chosen as the launch venue, one of region’s most exclusive social hotspots.

Singapore, with its sunny, tropical climate and well developed road network, is a favourable place to drive a Drophead Coupé. From 2007, customers in Singapore have been commissioning the flagship Phantom Drophead Coupé when it first came to market, the vast majority of these Bespoke. However, just recently, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars announced that during November this year, the build of Phantom Drophead Coupé (and Phantom Coupé) will come to an end.


Asia Pacific Regional Director, Paul Harris, said: “Singapore is absolutely the right place for Dawn, with many younger, affluent individuals choosing to reside in one of Asia’s foremost hubs of business, entertainment and leisure. With Dawn’s bold and contemporary design, we turn a new chapter in Rolls-Royce’s prestigious history, defining what it means to be cool, modern, sexy and luxurious.”

Mr Karsono Kwee, Executive Chairman of Eurokars Group, added: “We are pleased to receive Rolls-Royce’s latest model, a significant one for us due to the model’s desirability. It is a beautiful motor car and also a superbly engineered one, the quietest convertible car in the world and with the highest torsional rigidity of any open-top vehicle. We look forward to a new dawn for super-luxury motoring in Singapore.”


Moving automotive sculpture

Dawn’s highly contemporary, four-seat super-luxury Drophead is an evolution of Rolls-Royce’s design language, with one clear objective: to make a car that looks as beautiful with its roof up as with it down.

Roof down, the sensuous lines of Dawn are evident. From the side the steep rake of the windscreen, the swage line that flows over the rear haunches and the high beltline that rises along the profile give the impression of effortless dynamism. The very same rising beltline wraps around the rear passenger cabin to create a cosseting effect.

The deck continues Rolls-Royce’s excellence in modern craftsmanship. Open-pore Canadel panelling traces the horse-shoe shape of the rear cabin, whilst the wood on the deck, which can be chosen to suit individual taste, flows down the ‘Waterfall’ between the rear seats, and around the cabin clothing the interior door panels – enticing an owner or passenger to enter Dawn.

No compromise engineering

The new Rolls-Royce Dawn features 80% unique body panels and even new tyres as special fitment for the model.

Rolls-Royce’s engineers have paid great attention to Dawn’s roof, which delivers the silence of a Wraith when up and operates in just over 20 seconds at a cruising speed of up to 50km/h. Working with a fabric roof configuration, the goal was to make the quietest convertible car in the world today. This quest for silence applied to all aspects of the roof’s engineering and by extension the new motor car. Now etched into automotive parlance – the smooth and noiseless mechanism of Dawn’s roof is called the ‘Silent Ballet’.

The roof tops a graceful, beautiful and sensuous design, whilst remaining one of the largest canopies to grace a convertible car – second only to that of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé, a model which will cease its acclaimed life later this year.


True four-seater space

Rolls-Royce’s design ethos has created a cabin that conveys all the hallmarks of the brand’s peerless craftsmanship combined with an invigorating driving experience, delivered in the benchmark effortless Rolls-Royce character.

“At Rolls-Royce, we pride ourselves as creators of fine motor cars that also serve as social spaces,” comments Rolls-Royce’s Design Director, Giles Taylor. “The idea of creating a car like Dawn that can be used in comfort by only two adults on a day to day basis is anathema. In creating Dawn we have accepted no compromise to the comfort and luxury of four adults who want to travel together in the pinnacle of style.”


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ showroom in Singapore is located at:

29 Leng Kee Road, Singapore 159099

Phone: +65 6475 3113 Fax:      +65 6479 4333

Opening Hours:  8am to 5pm (Monday to Friday), weekend by appointment


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