Pop Up Wine Special: Arimea Margaret River


Pop Up Wine recently invited 40 wine lovers to learn more about the Margaret River region of Western Australia during an intimate wine-tasting event.

Guests were surprised by the crystal purity of the wines tasted and was delighted by the presence of Dan Stocker, Arimia wine maker and viticulturist, whom gave a ’50-cent’ tour of Arimia Margaret River and explained the motivation beyond wine making, and that is to leave a legacy of Margaret River for the future.

Arimea is a 56-hectre property at the north end of the Margaret River, and about 2 kilometers from the coast. The vineyard farm grows grapes and olives, rears pigs and trout, plus a 1200 square meters vegetables garden.

Arimia is 6 months away from being fully certified organic, which means the vineyard farm does not use anything synthetic, such as no synthetic fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides.

Interestingly, Arimia staff considered themselves as farmers, wine makers, restaurateurs, chefs, and does not label one role over another, but instead view the entire vineyard farm as a single soul.

They believe the better they farm, the better the food turns out, producing better olive oil and better wine. Lots of attention is placed on how farming is done, thus playing another role which is the ‘custodians’ of the land.

This explains why organic way of farming is chosen as Arimia regards it as the best way to farm, and to farm in the long term.

Arimia prepares their own seaweed fertilizers, fish fertilizers and compost. Though it stinks as much as it sounds, Dan pointed out that it is all about building soil life which flows into healthy vines, healthy fruit, healthy pigs, healthy vegetables, and great grapes to make great wine.

We toast towards Arimia’s endeavors and desire to hand over a lasting Margaret River to the next generation!

Guests were offered Arimia Chef Evan Hayter’s delicious canapes using Arimia’s own farm products.

The four Arimia’s award-winning wines hand-selected by Dan included:


Photocredits: https://www.facebook.com/arimiamargaretriver/


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