A maverick with a heart, Pete Price


A Welsh-born British media personality based in Merseyside, England. Pete Price is best known for his Sunday night talk show on Radio City 96.7 with a million listeners. Adopted since birth, Pete Price gave credit to his adoptive mother who made him who he is today. In his words, ‘My real mother gave me away to a wonderful woman, who gave me every chance I had.’

As Eliterate Asia worked down each interview question on the list, the writer cannot help but felt touched by the humble warmth and personality of one who has won numerous industry awards. Tenacity and resilience that came out of one’s pitfalls and mistakes tend to make anyone depressed and unhappy, but as Pete said wistfully, ‘Think of the good times.’

Pete is no stranger to controversy. Being a radio personality hosting live call in shows, it is often not possible to speak about a controversial issue, spark a debate, and yet still maintain any sense of civility. Yet Pete gives listeners a chance to air their views, not in anonymity, to speak on matters close to the heart, to give a glimpse of what concerns the common folk, perhaps a forerunner close to what social media is doing today.

Touching on social media, Pete laments on how people do not pick up the phones anymore and instead resort to abusive anonymous tweets. This lost art of conversation is sad, because as one speaks, one is processing thoughts and is able to articulate more clearly. Prank calls and rude comments left on voicemail do get in the way of hearing genuinely from the man on the street, but Pete has a unique ability on air to get listeners to speak off the cuff, and manoeuvre conversations during the phone in segments of his radio show.

What keeps him going, as he seems to have boundless energy while turning an otherwise scheduled interview into an intimate conversation between close friends, is to keep going, to re-invent yourself, to create who you are. Pete does not keep the fruit of his success to himself, and volunteers for charitable causes, especially during the holidays to bring cheer to others. Several observations made on how Pete word to get the crowd bidding for items for worthy causes, shows how he does not speak from script, but from his heart.

So what does he tells fans who come up to him for advise ?

‘Ring in tonight, I’ll tell you on air’, he quipped.

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