Sake Festival Singapore 2015

Sake Top
Get ready for this.
There will be 37 Sake brewers all over Japan who will come to Singapore to present their produce including some of their exclusive line up and limited editions.
For each brewery, there are at least four to six different types of sake categories, at least one umeshu and other products like fruit liqueurs and Shochu.   Most of them are very local boutique breweries and can only speak Japanese but there will be translators around at the venue so hopefully, there will not be much trouble to know them or their products.  All sakes, Umeshus, Shochus are free to taste and drink.
Sake Middle 1
There will be six(6) wholesale distributors of fresh produce from Japan who will also showcase their products including fresh vegetables from Kyushu, Wagyu from Kobe and Iberico pork don among others.
There are at least three makers of Japanese cutlery and Japanese traditional pottery.
A Suntory bar will offer free flow of fresh draft beer (The Suntory Premium Malts in Draft) all throughout the event.
The highlight is the Tuna cutting where one of the food supplier will cut 1 meter Tuna fresh arrived morning of the event.
Besides the limited edition sake, guests can purchase most of the alcoholic drinks at the pop up retail shop at the venue using the $40 voucher discount attached to the tickets they purchased at Orihara Shoten or at SISTIC.
Lastly, there will be a lucky draw at the door where people who will write a comment and can have a chance to win a bottle of sake to take home.
Sake Cu 1
All the guests will receive a traditional sake cups especially designed for the event.  The cup is made from one of the famous clay in Japan in Gifu Prefecture “The mino wares or Mino Yaki”.
It just keeps getting better.

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