Something delectable for the palate and the eyes for Mother’s Day at VLV


Pampering mums on Mother’s Day this year, VLV Singapore will be presenting 6 delectable 8-course set menus perfect for groups of all sizes, from couples to families or for one-on-one alone time with Mummy. Presented by award winning chef and a household name for sumptuous Cantonese cuisine, Executive Head Chef Martin Foo invites families to indulge in an affordable feast featuring some of his most iconic modern Chinese creations like the Black Truffle Roasted Duck, and Australian Wagyu with Shishito, Ceps and Wild Bean Sauce. These exquisite creations are paired with an unmatched dining experience where feasting, elegance and affordability converge.

Eliteror had non-stop praises for Chef Martin Foo’s dishes and creativity, staying true to flavour and the ingenious presentation of dishes (definitely Instagram-worthy) !

What are the flavours that influences you while you were growing up ?

My father was a fisherman, so we got a lot of fresh seafood in the house growing up. We were quite spoilt that we were able to frequently able to enjoy a variety of seafood, my mother would take a fresh fish and make fishballs by hand as well. I believe this gave me an affinity with seafood that still influences my cooking today.

Do you eat a lot home cooked food when you are a child ? Is there one dish your Mother cooked that you still remember ?

Yes, my mother would cook daily, there are a number of dishes that are very memorable for the family. The one dish we still remember fondly would be salt-baked chicken that she would usually only cook on festive occasions.

Do you make use of the formal training received as you constantly explore flavours and pairings with traditional Cantonese cooking ?

The foundation that I picked up working in the kitchen’s of Lei Garden is invaluable experience that grounds my cooking style today. It is important to not deviate from the authentic flavours of the dish, rather to explore how modern cooking and styles can make these flavours relevant to today’s diners.

Is great Cantonese cuisine all about fresh ingredients, or good chef skills ?

Definitely both! It takes a good chef to do justice to the fresh ingredients.

What are the highlights for the set menus for Mother’s Day at VLV ?

We have 6 different menus catering to different group sizes this year. Each menu has at least 8 courses and features a variety of seafood and meat dishes for a very well-rounded meal. Every set ends with specially presented platter of longevity buns for the mom.

To end the meal on a perfect note, all sets come with longevity buns served as the last course. A staple in all Chinese celebrations, longevity buns are made in the shape and colour of a peach, symbolizing health and longevity – making this Mother’s Day meal meaningful and memorable !

VLV’s Mother’s Day set menus are available for both lunch and dinner from 6 to 14 May 2017.

Reservations can be made at or call +65 6661 0197. For more information, visit


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