The General Marches into Orchard Road !


LGB Somerset Investment launches Singapore’s latest co-working concept in the heart of Orchard Road!

The General Room provides a stylish and modern shared-office premise and facilities for businesses in the fashion, retail, financial, and wealth management sectors.

Orchard Road was selected for its accessibility to numerous banking and peripheral office services to support the businesses that The General Room will host.

The General Room integrates managing and running of basic office facilities that extend into peripheral services in Orchard area to serve the needs of financial businesses which are drawn to the added convenience of this “back-end” integration. Presently, most co-working spaces serve a broad and generic range of companies across industries and sectors. By focusing on the needs of retail banking and wealth management firms that are critical, it value adds to the entire chain of financial services prevalent in Singapore. The General Room aims to also provide a collaborative base for greater interaction, collaboration and innovation in this sector.

The General Room extends the persona of a military general and the way a military base is run – with precision, respect and efficiency – into the management of the co-working space. The General Room is
owned and conceptualised by LGB Somerset Investment, a subsidiary of LGB Group, Malaysia. The parent company decided to launch their first co-working concept in Singapore because of Singapore’s reputation and proliferation of financial businesses.

“Singapore’s government has been transforming the country into a key financial hub and this gives us a critical mass of financial firms from start-ups to consultants and mid-sized agencies who may find The General Room suitable for their needs. Coupled with the ease of setting up a business here, Singapore is an ideal location for us to set up our first co-working concept; perhaps with what The General Room provides, we will make it even easier and more cost-effective for entrepreneurs and family offices to start their first company, and we would have done our part in helping entrepreneurs and also the financial sector,” says Mr Lim Chin Sean, Director, LGB Somerset Investment.


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The General Room is located at 111 Somerset Road, #07-07 TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164.

Tel: 6916 0188 Email:


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