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Sky Premium International held a media briefing of their brand new membership services club in Singapore, Sky Premium, at the Japanese food enclave at Takujo Japanese Dining @ Emporium Shokuhin recently. The event saw a live presentation of a Bluefin tuna cutting ceremony where guests, partners and media friends got a glimpse into one of the many luxurious experiences Sky Premium has to offer.



Immersing in an afternoon reflective of The Good Life, Sky Premium delighted guests with a presentation of the Hon Maguro, also known as the Bluefin tuna cutting ceremony. Weighing at a whopping 60kg, the tuna was air flown from sustainable sources in Uwajima prefecture, Japan, where the Maguro cutting was then performed with utmost skill and precision by Chef William Teo, head chef of Takujo Japanese Dining at Emporium Shokuhin together with his expert team of chefs. Utilizing four different sets of highly specialized knives to fillet the tuna, including one that resembles a samurai sword, the delectable Hon Maguro was artfully plated for guests in a platter of sashimi, sushi, maki and a 6-hour braised tuna head.

sky-bluefin sushi-bluefin

Margaret Koh, General Manager of Sky Premium said, “In a day and age where time is such a commodity, we often miss out and get caught up in a daily routine of things. Sky Premium offers that very balance and luxury of time, to enjoy affordable luxury in the pursuit of living the good life. I’m delighted that we had the opportunity to showcase a novel art form of the Hon Maguro, a first-hand glimpse into some of the many luxurious experiences that Sky Premium has to offer. And we hope to continue bringing the good life experiences to more of our members in the coming months ahead.”


Panel advisors of Sky Premium, Allan Wu, renowned celebrity in Southeast Asia; and fashion forward lawyer, Tan Min-Li, also warmly welcomed guests during the media briefing session. In line with Sky Premium’s philosophy of being connected under one sky with one common theme for The Good Life, media friends also had a chance to pick out exciting privileges from a photo wall, unravelling their very own experience of The Good Life.

Sky Premium is the country’s first members’ exclusive privilege services developed to enrich the lives of members across the globe. Pushing the boundaries beyond luxury travel, wellness and unique dining experiences, Sky Premium presents to members a cohesive platform with their comprehensive partners and solutions, for all to enjoy the better life. Partnering with selected esteemed brands and merchants to offer an insider list to exclusive closed-door events, fashion shows, premium sake tastings as well as access to an array of networking opportunities and business facilities. The sky is the limit as Sky Premium’s comprehensive solutions promises a dedication to an intimate high in the sky, customized for every member’s lifestyle preferences to indulge in the good life.


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